All New Photos Section

I have completely reworked the photos section of the site and I have added several new photos. I would like to thank Ralph Pochadt, Rémi Gilbert, Gord Runtz, Jim Allen and Bob MacAlister for sending photos and other information to me. Together we can make this the best Drop Zone RV on the net.

So, click on the Photos link in the toolbar and check out the new section of the website. To get back to the main site, just click on the wings in the upper corner of any page.

Now that it is easy for me to add photos, expect to see new ones put up more often, so keep dropping in.

One Response to “All New Photos Section”

  1. on 15 Mar 2003 at 6:39 pmedwards

    Attention picture submitters: It would be great if every picture had a caption explaining who, what , where and when.