St. Michael’s Orphans

Linda Pannell is planning on releasing her book St. Michael’s Orphans this year. It is a fictional story in which the Airborne plays a major role and she is asking for help from any Airborne soldiers who would be willing to proofread a chapter or two, to doublecheck for typos or still-undetected military errors.

She needs to have her proofreading be completed before mid-August, if the book is to come out this year. If you think you would be interested in helping, please write to her at

Linda has worked with numerous serving and retired Airborne soldiers to make the book as accurate as possible and to ensure that she portrays the Airborne as a highly professional military unit. She is at the last stage now and needs your help to get it to print, so if you have the time, give her a hand.

One Response to “St. Michael’s Orphans”

  1. on 16 Aug 2003 at 3:09 pmBob

    I have proof read this book for Linda and found it to be an excellent story that involves the 3 RCR Para Company and the Airborne Regiment. It is very well written and I am sure all Airborne types and even the LEGS will enjoy it.