Khadr Petition Removed

I have not yet found out why, but I am looking into it, but the petition to deport the Khadr family was removed. I have seen rumours of death threats against Donna and/or the petition might of been removed because it was considered racist. If either of these are the case, then it is a sad state of affairs that we now live in a country where you are not free to hold an opinion or petition your government. That is not the Canada nor the ideals I sacrificed a good part of my life to defend.

If anyone has any information regarding this, please comment below. One possible explanation is the petition to Deport Racists From Canada that basically states that the original petition was racist and harmful. If you don’t feel this way, then you could always write to the author of that petition, Ron Anicich and let him know that this is a free country, that the petition was not racially motivated, and that we as a society should be able to express our opinions without the threat of hate or attack. Most people would like to see the Khadr’s deported not for their race nor their religion, but because of their unrepented allegiance to and membership in a terrorist organization.

Maha Khadr (the mother) has even stated “You know we are promised that we go to heaven, […] I’d love to die like that. I’d love my daughter to die… even if [it is] simple, very simple, naïve.” A Toronto psycologist feels that this is child abuse and there is a petiition to that effect at Karim, a child, needs your Protection. It raises a good point, is the brainwashing of the children to be held against them? Feel free to fight that one out in the forums.

UPDATE: Sorry, the link to the new petition was broken. It is fixed now.

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  1. on 21 Apr 2004 at 4:18 pmtick

    This is a very interesting series of events.

    First comes to mind:

    What is the exact definition of ”racism” under Canadian law?

    Second, if the first petition was of racist nature, so I can only say, is the second one, as it is in wording borrowing from the petition it is attempting to despise and calls for the exact same actions. Bias.

    Third, the question remains how far freedom of speech is to be limited, and who determines the ”correct” form of racism or opinion in a democracy.

    There is liberal racism and left wing discrimination and naziism as well.

    To put my position forth:

    I understood the original petition not to be based on race, religion or anything alike, but on the mere fact that some Canadian citizens were not willing to support the harbouring of terrorists in their country on the expense of the average Canadian tax payer.

    The new petition qualifies as mere racism and discrimination against fellow country men as it bases its justification on sole racist argumentation.

    It is thus in its very nature an act of racism.
    unlike the original petition was.

    Expressing one’s opinion is not a crime as long as no one gets harmed.

    Stripping anyone of their citizen ship based on the expression of freedom of speech and thought and exercising of their democratic rights is an act of dictatory.

    Stripping someone of their citizenship due to treason is legally justified.

    During the Yugoslavian civil war to my knowledge all Canadians attempting to fight on either side of the partisans could only do so after revoking or losing their citizenship.

    I believe the Khadr family was a confirmed supporter and member of AQ!

    As I said, interesting legally.

  2. on 22 Apr 2004 at 5:52 pmrcrmb

    Where’s the petition to deport Ron Anicich? He’s calling me a racist for voicing my opinion through signing a petition to deport the Khadr’s? Well, Ron Anicich, my family’s been here since Upper Canada became a strong colony of the Crown. So, I have every motherfucking right as a Canadian Citizen to say that a family of affiliates to a terrorist organization shouldn’t be allowed into my country, and the country of every other citizen who are loyal to our flag, and our sovereignty. Obviously, our beloved Khadr’s aren’t that type of citizen, and ‘citizens’ like you shouldn’t be out to glorify them, because what you’re doing is IMMORAL. Not on my watch buddy. Not on the watch of every other citizen who loves this country and despises TERRORISM. By calling those of us who’ve denounced the Khadr’s ‘racists’ you are only dishonoring those who’ve died defending this nation from tyranny and terrorism, and those who’ve worked hard to make this country what it is, a safe democratic country. Supporting terrorists because you think it’s your god-given devine liberal right to give them a second chance, is not democratic. Don’t boycott our fallen heroes and hard working citizens for your bleeding heart beliefs. JE ME SOUVIENS.

  3. on 24 Apr 2004 at 1:30 amGary Ballentine

    Thought I would share with you folks the message and the subsequent reply that I recieved from “Racist Ron” in response to my note to him: My message—> Mr. Anicich,

    What a shameful piece of work you are….

    Once again those that do not share your opinion (or of those of Muslims that support the killing of innocent Westerners indiscriminately) are racists.

    Despite the fact that you live in a free society like Canada, you seem intent on stopping the free flow of speech that doesn’t fit into your “muslims as victims” pitch. Fortunately, I like many Canadians know that the vast majority of Canadian Muslims disavow the poisoned teachings that known terrorists like the Khadr family have preached.

    Canadian society seems to suit them pretty well when it comes to sponging off the welfare system or seeking to take advantage of the generosity of Canadians through the taxpayer funded health care system. (Of which the Khadrs are NOT)

    Not only are the Khadr families ties to Alqueda well documented, but they are also admitted by most of the surviving family members that didn’t manage to either a) get killed in an shootout with known members of Alqueda or b) Find themselves in Guantanimo bay for killing innocent westerners.

    You, like the Khadr family are repungent to most Canadians who clearly do not share your poisoned beliefs, yet they would not choose to silence your racist views as you attempt to silence the critics of the Khadr family.

    In time, we can hope to see the Khadr family deported as they so richly deserve…. perhaps you will do what is right and join them wherever they may end up.

    You are truly a sickening pathetic individual.
    Rons heartwarming reply>

    Dear Fucking Mororn,

    Not racist? Read the comments.

    I feel sorry for your offspring as they undoubtedly would have been screwed over by your obvious genetic deficiency.

    What exactly were you hoping to accomplish by sending me this email? Think about it; then go fuck yourself.

    The person you see in the mirror is a racist, pure and simple.

    Have a nice day,
    Ron Anicich

  4. on 24 Apr 2004 at 1:23 pmtick

    Thank you for sharing this. It puts the ”racist” well into perspective:

    My only comment to Mr Anicic’s respone is that he learned well from Hitler:

    ”genetic deficiency” was one of the Nazis favored terms during the Third Reich.

    Good Day.

  5. on 24 Apr 2004 at 6:23 pmrcrmb

    Gary Ballentine,

    Thanks for posting your correspondance with Mr. Anicich. It was quite disturbing to see this man reply to you with such a spiteful response. You’d think with the waves he’s making over the original petition to deport the Khadr’s that he’d be willing to carry on an intelligent debate. I was quite angered at the time of my post, and I thought I had gone a little overboard but this man proves me wrong. Mr. Anicich is certainly a ‘charismatic’ character.

    Good day.

  6. on 25 Apr 2004 at 3:19 pmGary Ballentine

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for the thougtful comments on this issue. Subsubsequent to the last posting, I recieved the following “threat” from Mr. Anicich:

    While you’re pondering this, here is something else to think about. Do you know what an IP address is? I’ll fill you in. It is a unique number that is assigned by your ISP which identifies your computer. Some ISPs, like Sympatico, use a dynamic IP, which means that every time a Sympatico user logs on the user is provided with a different IP. Every time a Sympatico user goes online he/she is assigned a new IP address. Rogers users, however, use what is called a static IP, which means that the series of numbers (IP address) which identifies your computer is always the same, no matter how many times you log on to the network. This means that Rogers users are much easier to identify. If you would like to know what that means, then I suggest that you tune into my radio show this week, when I will be giving out all of the information about you that I have at my disposal, thanks to your lousy choice of ISP. If you don’t want this to happen, then I suggest you start writing a letter of apology right now. And it better be fucking excellent after the bullshit I have had to put up with from you today.

    This response has resulted in two things, the first a compliant to radio station CKLN as well as the CRTC and finally the establishment of my own petition asking that “Racist Ronnie” be removed from the public airwaves. This can be found at

    please pass this on to as many people as you can!!


    Gary Ballentine

  7. on 26 Apr 2004 at 11:13 amGary

    Sorry gentlemen,

    Just one more post, and then I swear I’ll stop overloading this thread!! 🙂

    There is another online petition to deport the Khadr family, which can be found here

    Fortunately this one does not have room for comments, so those that seek to “flame” the petition to bring it down are out of luck…



  8. on 02 May 2004 at 8:07 amlindi webb

    Deport them, regardless of race or whatever… its because they made a commitment to terrorist, that they should be sent back. I only see her son’s name coming up some weeks/months/years later as a “man” who commits an atrocity. I remember a day when you had to live to be a “man”.


    Rangers and Commandos lead the way 🙂

  9. on 02 May 2004 at 7:22 pmtick

    Thank you Gary for the brief on more of Mr Anicich. You were certainly not flooding this thread in my opinion
    but issuing valuable information and insight. Much appreciated.

    Personally I find it more than pitiful that a public figure as Mr Anicich has the despicability to apply the vocabulary he has to feedback he had invited himself.

    Obviously we are not dealing with a steady but rather hysterical character here whose feedback is not based on common sense but what would classify as a bitching session or temper tantrum
    only seen in immature and irresposible individuals.

    Shame over whoever assigned this ”character” his own radio station.

    I suppose so much on this from my side. Thank you for sharing the emails.


  10. on 06 May 2004 at 11:49 amDick Ferris

    I emailed Ron Anicich to express that I believed removing the petition was an infringment and erosion of our rights to free speech.

    Mr. Anicich’s response was to threaten me with charges of criminal harassment if I emailed my views further. He also stated: “People who join the military are fucking morons who deserve to die”.

    It is quite clear that this man is ignorant and does not understand the personal sacrifices our soldiers today and yesteryear have made for our country and its citizens.

    Very dissapointing.

    Bdr. Dick Ferris (Army Reservist)
    26 Field, 13 Bty
    Royal Canadian Artillery

  11. on 06 May 2004 at 6:10 pmetta chisholm

    This family put their child at great risk. The child should be removed from the Mothers’ custody

  12. on 15 May 2004 at 12:33 amMark

    Retard ron did the same thing to me as anyone else who emailed him.He got ALL bent at me when I expressed my views.The best way for him to articulate his views to me was to use profanity,threaten me with the police and call me a Nazi/racist fit for jail and or death.That clown couldnt even get his facts straight.He said those khadrs are as Canadian as me and Him.I told him that he and the Khadrs were most definately not like me and that when he was lying in the blown up building or choking on the gas cloud he would not be able to rely on me as a fellow canadian for sympathy.Where do these bonehuggers come from?Thank god there are people like the ones I see on this website who think like me.I thought we were a dying breed.

  13. on 15 May 2004 at 12:47 amMark

    Here is a sample of my correspondence with my new buddy RON
    Dear Delusional Fucking Morons,

    Yes, I watch TV. Not a lot though But apparently you dont. Here’s what you missed: The youngest son is a 15 year old cripple. The eldest son got a clean bill of health from the US Government, who he worked for in the war against terror. He worked for the CIA, on OUR side! Also, if you watched closely you would have heard the mother say “We have no connection to Al Qaeda” when she arrived in Toronto.

    If you know of any terrorist acts any of them have commited then tell CSIS, not me. The fact is, there are none, which makes you into a liar in addition to your bigotry.

    And yes, you are low life fucking racists and you know what else? You are incredibly stupid.

    The fact is that they are just as canadian as you and me. The fact is that they haven’t even been accused of terrorist acts, except for nazi scumbags like yourselves. And you hate them because you are straight up racist pigs.

    Now why dont you do the rest of us a favour and shoot yourselves in the head.

    You wanna see scum? Have a look in the mirror.

    You should be thrown in jail until you get a fucking clue. You epitomize everything that is wrong with the world.

    Not racist? Give me a fucking break. You’re not only racist pigs but you’re also stupid as fuck.

    Have a nice day,

    When I mentioned the TV I was refering to the documentary where she said that she would be glad to send her children off to be suicide bombers,you know, the documentary where it was revealed that they actually lived with OBL in his afghan compound.That would be the compound where OBL planned his attacks on western (infidel) society.That would be the society you live in.?That would be the documentary that was filmed and shown before the Khadrs came back to Canuckistan.Check the timeline,Ron.As for shooting myself inthe head,for the rest of you?Please let me inform you that the rest of us want these people outta here.You are the one who is in the minority,so get a clue buddy,and know what you are talking about before you shoot off your knobgobbler.I suppose that If dummies like you and your OBL/AlQueda lovin’ friends where in charge then folks like me would be dead from a bullet to the head or in jail until everything wrong in the world was ok for all the wahabi-islamofacsists of the world to blow up each other in peace.As for the son working for our side,please remember that the CIA is a US thing.And junior didnt do anything for them till after they had captured his ass.I am sure he would say or do anything to get his ass back to Canada because he knows that our government lacks the laws to keep him and his terrorist supporting family out,thanks to empty headed clowns like you.As far as CSIS is concerned,don’t you think they would rather let the US deal with them.They have no power in this anyway.They are not our version of the CIA.They only investigate.Then they advise the(CLUE) government.They don’t act as the CIA/FBI would.It seems to me that you have blocked out all common sense in this matter in order to use the” Racist Nazi Pig/You deserve to die” defense.Holy crap, Ron, so much anger,so little knwledge.Just remember Ron,when and I know it will be” when” you are lying in that pile of rubble from the bomb or when you are choking on that Gas Cloud don’t think that I and others like me are “Canadian just like you and me”,because we are not.Not at all,Ron,not at all.I suppose that you could look to the Khadrs for help but I’m sure they will be long gone by then,probably back to the middle east or on their way to” heaven”.If wanting my country to be free of terrorists and their supporters makes me a Nazi scumbag then ACHTUNG, BABY!

    Bye for now Ron


    PS:please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes as I typed this entire letter useing the head of my PENIS

    I’m pleased that you are willing to accept yourself as a Nazi scumbag. Incidently, 10,000 signatures on an online petition doesn’t make you part of the majority, and even if it did, that would be utterly meaningless. The majority loves Britney Spears. The majority votes Liberal. The majority eats at Macdonalds. The majority seem like a bunch of stupid fuckwads to me, and you are welcome to be one of those.

    Oh, I see you already are.

    You might also want to give some thought to why you are emailing me. What is it that you are trying to accomplish? I don’t want an answer. I already have it. You are a fucking loser moron with way too much time on his/her hands.

    Please fuck off.

    Have a nice day,
    We ended up our little chat with him threatening me with the cops for emailing him and me getting very bored.He is all talk.I hope his nose ring gets rusty and gives him an infection.

  14. on 15 May 2004 at 12:54 amMark

    Hope I didnt abuse the thread too much but I just had to get it out.I am just thankful to be provided with an outlet.Awesome website ,thanks again.
    AKA Kerfuffled

  15. on 25 May 2004 at 12:32 pmGreg Popik

    Looks to me like there is really no point to anyone personally contacting this fool. Winning an online argument is kinda like winning the special olympics: even if you win, you are still retarded.

    Personally, it looks to me like he is not only ignorant and uninformed, but illiterite to boot.Perhaps he could not have made it into the forces under the Grade 10 educational reqs.

    Maybe that is why he resents soldiers so much?