Sgt WE (Bill) Brown

Sgt Bill Brown of 2 Cdo died Sunday morning at the University Hospital in Edmonton at the age of 71 . Bill served with the PPCLI from 1950 through to 1970 when at that time joined the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton until 1976 serving for 26 years .

He served in 2 separate tours in Germany while with the PPCLI and in Cyprus with 2 Cdo of the Canadian Airborne Regiment .

Billy as he was known died after a long bout with Huntington’s Disease passed away in his sleep . He is survived by his 4 sons Michael, Barry, Stacy and Roger and 8 Grandchildren .

A memorial service will be held March 4 2005 at Park Memorial Funeral Home in Edmonton at 3:30 p.m.

One Response to “Sgt WE (Bill) Brown”

  1. on 02 Mar 2005 at 10:27 pmMike Sikora

    Served with Billy in Recce Platoon 2 Commando in 72-74. Super guy! I’m proud to have served with him.
    I’m concerned that guys like Billy and Donnie Mcleod et al, all my peers, are passing on or are almost there and I am unable to honour them or their service at their funerals. They served with honour in the best traditions of the Airborne Regiment.
    Je me Souviens.
    RIP “Billy”.

    Mike Sikora