New Photos

I just went through my email inbox and found tons of photos that people have submitted but that I have been too lazy to get posted promptly. I spent the last few hours cleaning out most of my inbox and posting photos. If you look around, you will find new photos in most of the sections of the albums, so have fun looking around.

To all of you that submitted photos, I apologize for taking so bloody long. You guys deserve better. That said, I posted most of your photos, but not all. Space is a factor on the server, so I try to limit posts to the best photos. Best of course is very subjective 😉

I still have a few more Cyprus photos to post, but the emails are so large I cannot download them right now. As soon as I get them off the server I will post them.

One Response to “New Photos”

  1. on 02 Jun 2005 at 4:27 pmJumper0401

    Just having the website up is enough. Thanks for keeping it going 🙂