The Town of Petawawa has invited 2 CMBG to re-new its Freedom of the Town. Accordingly, 2 CMBG will march to the Town Offices and exercise its right to march through the town with bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying. The formal ceremony will take place at the Town Offices on Victoria Street at 1100 hrs, 01 July 2005. Spectators are requested to be seated by 1045 hrs.

In commemoration of the Year of the Veteran, the Commander of 2 CMBG, Colonel Al Howard will invite the veterans present to fall in on the right flank and to lead 2 CMBG for a portion of the route. After approximately 750 metres, the Veterans will wheel into a paved area where they will make a left turn. 2 CMBG will then march past them and give them an ‘Eyes Right!’

The 1 Can Para Association will form the core of the Airborne veterans group and will begin to form up at 1030 hrs at the Town Offices. All other Airborne RV participants are invited and encouraged to fall in with this gallant group of soldiers. Ideally, the dress will be maroon blazers, maroon beret and medals but a maroon beret will do or merely an airborne spirit. Please show up and show the spectators “what manner of men wear the maroon beret!”

The Airborne RV Registration Desk will be open throughout the day so that RV participants may register after the parade, if this is more convenient.

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