St. Michael’s Orphans

Linda Pannell, a regular of this site, has released her book St. Michael’s Orphans. She worked with several ex-Airborne members and even went out on exercise with the unit to ensure that she could portray an accurate and fair representation of the regiment and the soldiers that served in it. The following description of the book is from the publisher;

Canada is in a state of political suffering and turmoil. Quebec has seceded, and the French Ambassador to Canada and the president of Quebec’s top aide have been taken as political hostages. These events set the stage for St. Michael’s Orphans, a complex, intriguing novel about a military and political conflict that could threaten Canada’s very survival. Die-hard separatists are infuriated by land agreements under negotiation between the Quebec government and Quebec Cree natives, who insist they are still Canadian. In an effort to ensure Quebec remains independent from Canada, these separatists create a conflict for Canada under the guise of a terrorist group. Canada is in dire need of help, but who will they turn to without relying on international intervention?

If you would like a copy, you can buy a copy from or directly from the author.

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