Sgt J.B. McDonald CD (Boots)

Sgt (Ret) J.B. McDonald CD (Boots) PPCLI, AIRBORNE, passed away on 14 Aug 2007.

Tuesday 21 Aug, 2007 Prayers will held at Our Lady Of Angels Catholic Church, 10004 – 101 St, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Wednesday 22 Aug, 2007 Funeral will he held at this same location in Fort Sask, at 11AM

Airborne Social Club full dress with Medals, or Sport Coat or Suit with Medals, including Military personnel with Medals.

In lieu of flowers, memorial tributes may be made to the Stollery Childrens Hospital or Salvation Army. Condolences may be sent to: First Memorial Funeral Services – Riverview Chapel 998-9898.

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  1. on 20 Aug 2007 at 5:03 pmDanita

    Can you please correct the spelling of our name it is McDonald and not MacDonald. Thank you, Danita

    I will like to print a copy of this off your web page.

  2. on 17 Sep 2007 at 6:30 pmFrank MacNeil (Monkey)

    I can not believe my eyes, one comment for the man who gave the Airborne it’s name. If it was not for Boots what would we have as troops nothing, he got us anything we needed to keep us going and the morale up, he was the Airborne, my god troops he was a man of all men, Airborne Boots we will meet again, I for one will never forget you from the first day we met until you left us , see you again my friend Airborne.

  3. on 25 Sep 2007 at 6:08 pmAl LaRade

    Boots was the first man I met when I arrive in Edmonton in 1972. He was the bartender and the Cpl mess. His first famous words ” What do you want lad. Boots did care what Cdo you were with as long as you wore the Maroon Beret, you were is friends. Soft landing my friend.

  4. on 03 Oct 2007 at 2:42 pmphil holmes a court

    I remember my first jump out of a twin otter Boots was sitting next to me, I think it was my 3rd jump, Boots looked over at a nervous 18 year old and said dont worry lad hardly anyone dies jumping out of these things.

  5. on 07 Nov 2007 at 11:00 pmMitch MacLeod

    Boots was RSS with the Loyal Eddies as I recall in the early 90s, quite a mild mannered guy by then, though he must have been a terror in his younger days. Some civy found out during the strike in 91 that the one thing you did not mess around with was that ancient Mercedes Diesel he drove around in. RIP Jumper.

  6. on 30 Dec 2007 at 7:24 amRon (Hammy) Hamilton

    I’m going to have to support Frank! Boots McDonald was and still is…… an Airborne legend. I first heard of Boots from big Danny Hoist prior joining the Reg’t. And he did liveup to everything that was said about him! May you RIP jumper

  7. on 15 Jun 2009 at 4:31 pmScott Gullion

    Boots has forever affected the way I interact with people (in a good way that is). rough exterier with heart big enought to jump out of. Boots is the defintion of loyalty and looking after the men first. I got to see a few of your silent favours done for others. It’s great that he left such big boots for so many of us to fill.

    thanks Boots

    I’m sure you are riding around somewhere watching over us, and trading stuff to “help out a buddy”

    Hope you are enjoying your next ride, and soft landing.

  8. on 10 Jul 2009 at 12:15 amBob Lotoski

    Boots was an Airborne icon.

  9. on 28 Feb 2010 at 10:42 amAndy Fortin

    Sgt McDonald left a deep impression on me. Even after more than thirty years, I still clearly recall his face and his favourite response to “Good morning, sergeant”.

    May you rest in peace, Boots, you cannot be replaced.

  10. on 29 Oct 2016 at 4:07 pmDave

    Ah Boots….you were a legend indeed. A kind the rest of us, were “break things and hurt people”..from above 😉

    I stumbled upon Sven Bolkes’ sad passing, and ended up here.
    My guess is that you guys are sitting at the bar, sharing lies and beers :-))

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