CAFACAFA will be hosting the annual Airborne Memorial Weekend in Petawawa this year. The weekend includes the Annual General Meeting of CAFA, a dinner dance for CAFA and any interested ARAC members and a re-dedication of the “Into Action” statue which is also known as Iron Mike (or Iron Dick by some) that was formerly at the main gate to CFB Petawawa. The statue was moved to the grounds of the Airborne Forces Museum and will be re-named as the Canadian Airborne Forces Memorial.

For more information, download the Word document with the schedule of events and a registration form.

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  1. on 23 Jan 2008 at 3:05 pmDarrell Chiasson

    For the reunion timeframe, the Marriott Courtyard at Jasper and 99th is available for $119 per night. Being a traveller, using points equals free, so thought if there were others who stay at Marriotts you should know about this hotel. It is about 2.5miles from the Reunion Location. I’ll be flying into Edmonton International likely early afternoon and renting a car if anyone needs a lift to the hotels on that Thursday.

    Darrell Chiasson
    603 553 2303

  2. on 22 Apr 2008 at 12:48 amMichael Travis Pearson

    Hey my name is Travis Pearson, my Moms name is Joyce Pearson good friends for Jonh Duder and Joanne Stallberg(AKA the BEAR). I was just wondering if anyone knows if Billy Thomas will be coming to the Airborne Memorial Weekend in Petawawa on the 23-25 of May 2008. If anyone could tell me anything that would be great. my email is

    Michael Travis Pearson

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