Buy Canadian Airborne Forces since 1942I don’t know how this book passed under the radar, but Lt Col Bernd Horn has published another beautifully illustrated history of Airborne Forces in Canada from the 1st Cdn Para Battalion in 1942, through the Canadian Airborne Regiment and on to the Parachute companies.

The 1st Canadian Parachute Bn jumped into Normandy on D-Day as part of 6th British Airborne Division. They fought with distinction for the rest of the North-West Europe campaign, making a second combat jump at the Rhine crossings in March 1945, and fighting in Holland until VE-Day. In the post-war years the Canadian SAS and the Mobile Striking Force maintained an airborne capability, formalized in 1968 with the raising of a Canadian Airborne Regt, which later served overseas in Cyprus and Somalia. Since its disbandment in 1995 a parachute capability has been maintained by companies of light infantry units – Royal 22e Regt, Princess Patricia’s, and Royal Canadian Regt – which served against the Taliban and al-Quaida in Afghanistan, 2002–03. This book details the fascinating and proud history of the Canadian Airborne Regiments.

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