The producers of the Paratroopers movie project have commissioned a limited edition print by the world famous aviation artist Robert Bailey to support the movie. Prints are available for $149 from or directly from Dixon Christie at

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For those who have not heard about the project, Paratroopers is the history of Canada’s military as told by Canada’s Airborne soldiers and veterans. It is in its fourth year of production and will be an eight part series. It has a goal of bringing our stories to as many people as possible.

The eight part DVD series is also available for pre-order from the website for $129. The pre-order Director’s Edition will ONLY be available in the special packaging on the PRE ORDER. The package will be hand signed by veterans from each of the movies and include bonus items that will make the series highly collectable. The DVD pre order campaign and print sales are the only way that they can raise the funds they need to finish production and edit the movies this winter.

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  2. on 31 May 2013 at 9:27 pmsteve

    Where can I purchase a print of this picture, and I also want to purchase the movie.

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