Airborne Reunion 2013

2013 will mark the 45th Anniversary of the formation of the Airborne Regiment and as such the Airborne Social Club (Edmonton) is in the process of planning a Reunion to be held at the Air Museum Edmonton for June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2013.

The Organizing Committee and members of The Edmonton Airborne Social Club extend an Airborne Brotherhood welcome for all to attend JUMPERS REUNION 2013. This reunion is open to all former members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, current and former members of Regular and Reserve Force Parachute Units, former members of the Canadian Airborne Centre, Canadian Forces Parachute Maintenance Depot, 1 Canadian Parachute Association, Allied Paratroopers; and all other paratroopers, whether or not they have served in an active parachute role or not.

The organizing committee has themed this reunion as "REMEMBERING OUR FALLEN", be it from battle, past or present or whatever means caused our brethren their departure from out ranks.

The Reunion will follow the Annual D-Day Ceremony at the Airborne Monument, to be held June 6th, 2013 at Siffleur Falls, Alberta.

In addition to the above members themselves, a grateful welcome is extended to all Honorary Club members, wives, spouses and partners of members no longer with us.

The attached registration form provided initial information on the reunion. Updated information will be posted on the Edmonton Airborne Social Club website as activities are finalized.

Although we are endeavouring to reach as many as possible via all means possible, it is requested that you pass on this information to those you are in contact with and who we may not have contacted.

Hope to see you here, Airborne!

Download the Registration Form here.

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