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Just received sad news that Master Warrant Officer (Retired) Jim (Bud) Fisher, passed away. Bud experienced a medical emergency one week ago and has passed away. Not a lot of details at the moment.
The family is planning a celebration of life in the near future. Details will be announced.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bud’s family.

Fair winds and soft landings Bud.

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  1. on 14 Aug 2016 at 2:47 pmRon Irwin

    RIP Bud. It was always a pleasure to work for you in 2 Commando. My condolences to the Fisher family.

  2. on 14 Aug 2016 at 2:55 pmblaster

    Many of us had the privilege of having served with Bud Fisher in many places including the Canadian Airborne Regiment, the PPCLI and the Infantry School in many different capacities. I can recall no one who was more fair in the treatment of all soldiers or more loyal than Bud. Evan as a Sergeant Major, it was a pleasure to work around him and I know many lives were touched by being around him, mine included. He always had that little glint of a smile for people he knew and I always looked forward to working with him. I’ll miss him at the next Airborne reunion.

  3. on 10 May 2019 at 12:23 pmBarry McLean

    I can only echo the comments already provided. Over the years I had the privilege to serve for and with Bud Fisher. He always maintained that ‘tough’ exterior but he had a heart of gold and really cared for his troops.

    As my Platoon Warrant, Bud supported my posting to the Regiment from 2 PPCLI when I was a 19 year old Trooper. As the 2 CDO Sergeant Major, he had the confidence and trust in me to assume the 2 CDO CQMS job half way through our tour in Cyprus even though I was only a MCpl. He allowed me to learn, use my initiative, and make mistakes (I made my share); without the fear of reprisal or heavy handed discipline. He always took the time to talk to me about what it meant to be a soldier, paratrooper and leader.

    Bud supported my posting to CABC as a PI, and even later in life, after I had taken my Commission, he helped me as a Captain at the Infantry School.

    As I reflect now on the soldiers I have had the privilege to serve with, Bud Fisher stands out. In many respects, he was a father to me, as was my own. You will not be forgotten Bud.

    B.J. McLean, Major (Rtd)

  4. on 14 Jun 2019 at 3:53 pmPhil Blank

    Just learned of Bud passing away .I went to 2cdo in 1980 around the time he came in.I always found him to be a really top of the line sgt.maj.,and had great respect for him as well as really liking him as a fellow paratrooper.He was tough when required ,but always looked after his guys and he often was a buffer between his troops and the higher s. I consider him the best Sgtmaj.,I ever served for.
    Phil Blank

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