Winding Down

The original host for the site is shutting down its servers, so I had to move to a new host. Unfortunately the new host runs newer more secure software and the photo galleries and forums no longer work on the new site. I’ve got backups of all the data and photos, so will see what I can do to bring them back, but for now those sections of the site have been shut down.

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  1. on 05 Dec 2016 at 9:19 pmRandy Harvie

    I can’t find the Forums. Don’t see any way to get at them.
    ?????… My handle is Pack-mule

  2. on 03 Jun 2017 at 12:03 pmBob Emery

    Hi Rob & very nicely done site.

    We ran into the same problem with our photo galleries when Shaw discontinued Photoshare.

    We’ve moved to FullHost for our Server – a Canadian company with good rates & service – in the early stages of figuring out their system & if they accommodate photo galleries / forums I’ll let you know.

    Couple of names I’ll throw @ you – both Airborne early 90’s …

    Frank Kereszti of Victoria BC – met him several weeks ago through some contracting work – learned I was a submariner & of course he showed me his coin.

    Paul Purdy of Tacoma WA – now a paramedic with Tacoma Fire Department – also my nephew.

    I’m Grilse – Rainbow vintage & we did a couple of exercises with your lot – surfacing & dropping you off very SAS like middle of nowhere by rubber dingy.

    We had a lot of respect for your guys but could never understand jumping out of a perfectly good airplane !

    Yours Aye & Cheers,

    Bob Emery – Victoria BC

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