Airborne Regimental Sergeant Majors

The following is a list of the RSMs of the Airborne Regiment
from its inception in 1968 until the disbandment in 1995.

CWO R.J. Buxton 1968-71
CWO L.J. Vallee 1971-73
CWO G.M. Olmstead 1973-76
CWO D.B. Reekie 1976-77
CWO A.L. Thomkins 1977-79
CWO E.K. Witt 1979-80
CWO J.L. Bisson 1980-82
CWO E.J. Baker 1982-84
CWO W.D. Collier 1984-87
CWO J.P.G. Tanguay 1987-90
CWO C.L. Jardine 1990-93
CWO G.J. Stevens 1993-95

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  1. on 20 Nov 2008 at 12:43 pmRichard Buxton

    Please note that it is R. G. (George) Buxton, rather than J.

    (FYI, he was awarded the DCM)

    You have a very informative and professional site – no doubt the result of a lot of hard work, planning, and effort.

    Dick Buxton

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