Colonels of the Regiment

The Colonel of the Regiment is an honorary title reserved for former officers of distinguished service. He is responsible for fostering esprit-de-corps in the Regiment, advising NDHQ on Regimental matters and advising the Regimental Commander on matters such as dress and custom within the Regiment. The Colonel of the Regiment provides a link to previous generations of Airborne brothers and a measure of continuity within the Regiment.

LGen S.C. Waters 1971 – 1976
BGen D.E. Holmes 1976 – 1982
MGen H.C. Pitts, Mc, CD 1982 – 1986
BGen R.G. Therriault, CD 1986 – 1989
Col G.F. Eadie 1989 – 1994
LGen K.R. Foster 1994 – 1995

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  1. on 12 Jul 2008 at 11:52 ammillard Stavens

    Looking for Lt Col. Paul Morneau Airborne Unit around 1995

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