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February 12, 2003

Airborne Luncheon

I just received word that the 15th Annual Airborne Luncheon will be held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto on Friday, 11 April 2003. If you are interested in attending, click on the "Continue Reading" link below for more information.

This is the full Warning Order that I received for this event;


1. SITUATION: The 15th Annual Airborne Luncheon will be held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute on Friday, 11 April 2003. This annual affair brings current and former serving jumpers together with Airborne veterans, including those who jumped into action in Normandy, Arnhem and the Rhine Crossing. This year's host is Lieutenant Colonel Bernd Horn, former Commanding Officer 1 RCR and last Officer Commanding 3 Commando, the Canadian Airborne Regiment.

2. MISSION: All Airborne soldiers, past and present, are invited to attend the Airborne Luncheon on 11 April 2003 at the RCMI.

3. TIME AND RV: 1130 hours in the Main Bar, 1230 for Lunch, Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Avenue, Toronto.

4. DRESS: Business suit and Airborne/Regimental tie.

5. RESERVATIONS AND INFORMATION: Subscription $32 all-inclusive. RSVP to Susan Cook at the RCMI (416) 597-0286 or 1-800-585-1072, fax (416) 597-6919. Airborne contact is Major Rob Zeidler, Queen's Own Rifles, at (416) 635-2761, fax (416) 635-2762. Please pass this invitation along to your airborne friends.

Posted by Rob at February 12, 2003 09:10 PM

I'm an ex-Airborne guy now living in the Toronto area. I'm interested in going. Do we need tickets or what? Also, where do I get a regimental tie these days?
Matt Watson

Posted by: Matt Watson on March 2, 2003 12:23 AM


Check out the Read more about link at the bottom of the post and you will find information about attending. The link is

As for a regimental tie, I was asking that myself ;) You could try the Airborne Kitshop, there is a link in the Links section of the site.

Posted by: Rob on March 3, 2003 10:04 AM
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