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August 19, 2003

Col Eadie’s Funeral

Col Eadie’s funeral was held at St. Jude’s Church in Oakville ON., at 1430 hrs on 15 Aug 2003. Reflecting the esteem in which he was held in the Canadian Community at large, the church was full with many different uniforms in evidence. There was a significant attendance by the Ford Motor Co., by which Col Eadie was employed for many years after the war.

Most significant was the large number of maroon blazers with the Airborne Regiment being represented by three Ex Regimental Commanders. There were at least 50 members of the Colonel’s old unit 1 CAN PARA in attendance, and a myriad of British and other badges in evidence.

The service was a most moving one with padre Mark Sergeant, ex chaplain of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, co conducting the service and giving the eulogy. He spoke eloquently and movingly of the Colonel, his life and his career. He covered the spectrum of his activities as a man, soldier, husband and father. I was asked to pass on the regards of CAFA, ARAC and the Canadian Airborne Community, which I did with pride, having known the colonel for 25 years and learned much from his deep convictions, character and leadership. Perhaps most moving were the extemporaneous comments of Col Peter Kenward who had been asked to read the letter from Brig James Hill, Fraser’s WW 2 brigade Commander in UK. After reading the touching and most personal message, Peter spoke briefly and with feeling on how he had been tutored by the Colonel and, particularly in the black day’s of the Somalia Inquiry, had been inspired by the sage advice and support of Fraser who had become more like a “father” than merely the Colonel of the Regiment. As the casket was moved from the Church it was carried through two lines of old jumpers and into the hearse. Again most moving and appropriate.

Fraser was laid to rest in a shady and beautiful corner of the Trafalgar Cemetery in Oakville, with the pallbearers being eight stalwarts of I CANPARA, headed by their president Jan De Vries. Two buglers from the Queen’s Own Rifles played the last post and reveille to sound the end of an illustrious career, a great Canadian and soldier.

The reception, held in the beautiful surroundings of the Oakville Holiday Inn Convention Centre, allowed us all to properly celebrate the full, happy, and most positive life of Fraser Eadie, Canadian soldier and paratrooper emeritus. May he rest in peace

As Posted by Ian Douglas
Pres CAFA, Chmn CAFM

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