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March 25, 2004

I'm Sick of the Viruses

There are tons of email viruses going around these days and I am getting pretty sick of filtering them out of my email. Since many of them are coming to this website's email address, some of you ARE infected. So, I am going to ask that everyone out there do three things;

  1. Go to Symantec's Free Online Virus Checker, click OK and then Start Virus Detect to see if your computer is infected. If it is, download virus removal tools and do something about it.
  2. Be very wary opening attachements in your email, even if they come from someone you know. I only open attachments that I am expecting and I know are safe. That funny joke program someone sends you may run fine, but it may also be installing a trojan backdoor into your system or worse, a virus. Virus scanners won't catch most back doors...
  3. If you send attachments in your emails, explain exactly what they are so that people can make informed decisions before opening them.

Cover your arcs guys. Your security is up to you. End rant... Posted by Rob at March 25, 2004 10:06 AM


In any given day, I receive over 100 spam type
emails. To correct this annoying problem, I changed
my email address, but not my ISP. Since the email
change, I have received "zero" spam emails.

Also, I downloaded Spybot software to get rid
of spyware garbage off my computer. This software
is free and it can be downloaded from:

Hope these above suggestions will help.

Posted by: Donald K Munroe on March 25, 2004 04:14 PM

Thank you for the update Rob and also help. Today I started getting tons of spam mail, also from people I know here, and I am sure they got the same through my addresses.

In that case I am sorry, I can only assure I did not send any of these mails to you. Some are pretty gross and I have plenty of them in my box now too.

I have meanwhile removed the viruses from my machine, that I got when opening an attachment which was named exactly the same as I was expecting. There was at that time no way of telling as all seemed to match.

If you send e-mail messages my way please communicate the content of possible attachments.

Thank you.

Posted by: tick on March 25, 2004 04:34 PM

Further to the good advice given above I would suggest that you download a brilliant program called ' Mail Washer ', it too is free and gives you the chance to screen all mail before it even gets to your inbox. As well, you are able to bounce spam e-mail back at whomever sent it to you, giving the impression that your IP doesn't exist.

Also, I highly recommend ' AdAware 6.0 ', once again a free utility which will combat spybots,spyware and tracking cookies-- truely a workhorse in ensuring one's privacy. I hope that this will help, definitely worth a look. Happy Surfing Troops!

Posted by: Derek Richardson on March 25, 2004 11:46 PM

On the spam front, I have been using Mozilla (the new Netscape) email client lately and its junk mail filters are great I trained it for about a week by telling it which messages were spam and which weren't, then I let it loose. Now, the majority of spam goes to a junk mail folder. You can get it at

As for bouncing most spam, it is probably not a good idea. Spammers almost never use a real email address, so when you bounce the messages, they go back to the bogus email addresses and put unnecessary load on those servers which are just innocent bystanders.

Posted by: Rob on March 26, 2004 10:00 AM
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