The following are a few of the badges from my uniforms and collection. Click on each of the badges to see a larger version. I am not adding new badges to this page, instead any submissions and additions are going to the Badges Section of the Photo Gallery. Make sure you check there also.

If you have any additional information on any of these badges, please email me at rob (at)

Early Pegasus arm patch

Dress SSF Patch

Dress Lapel Pin

Combat Cap Badge

Officer’s mess dress
Red wings

Dress White Wings in gold wire

50’s style cloth wings

Cloth dress red wings worn by jumpers that have
not served in the regiment. Prior to 1975, all jumpers,
including those that served in the Regiment wore the red wings.

Airborne Flag

Dress Epaulette

Airborne Regiment Crest

Officer’s mess dress
White wings

Metal red wings

Airborne Capbadge

Combat Wings

Workdress Epaulette

Metal white wings

Combat Epaulette

Workdress Wings

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