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Reunion Photos

Ralph Pochadt sent me eight great photos that he took at the 3 Cdo reunion. I have added them to the photo album, so head over and check them out. Thanks Ralph.

3 Commando Reunion

When the CH-146 Griffon helicopter flew in to the DZ with the Airborne flag proudly held out the side by the JM’s, I knew that times had changed. It was good to see the flag flying over Anzio again. When I left Petawawa seven years ago we weren’t even allowed to wear Airborne t-shirts on […]

Edmonton Reunion Photos and 3 Cdo Reunion Update

Jim Ogden has just written to let me know that he has updated The Bornewest Website with pictures from the Airborne Reunion in Edmonton. Head over and check them out. The 3 Cdo reunion is only 3 days away and it sounds like a lot of people will be coming. If you are driving to […]

The newly formed Airborne Cadets in Surrey BC will be holding a Canteen at the Lagoon Cafe’s upstairs Airborne Lounge at 13025 84th Ave Surrey BC 7pm-11pm on July 3rd. They are hoping to bring together Airborne members in British Columbia who will serve as supporters, instructors, and friends of the Airborne Cadets, so drop […]

3 Cdo Reunion Sit Rep

I just received more information on the 3 Cdo reunion and wanted to take this chance to pass it on. The cost will be $5 cash for an individual and $10 per family payable at the DZ reception table. They have prepared for a max of 300 people, so keep this in mind if the […]

Airborne Reunion in Edmonton

The guys over at Bornewest have been finalizing the plans for the 2003 Airborne Reunion so I thought I would pass on some of the information. The reunion is from June 5th to 8th in Edmonton and costs $60 for individuals and $75 for couples. There is an itenerary available and a registration form if […]

3 Commando Reunion

The Op Orders for the 3 Cdo BBQ are finally in, 28/06/03 0800-1000 Para refresher, Bldg S-118, Gen Foulkes Barracks (3RCR) 1100-1200 Memorial Service and CO�s address, DZ Shack, DZ Anzio 1200-1500 Para activities, weather and A/C permitting 1500- 1800 Meet and Greet, meal provided by 3 RCR cooks. 3 Mechanized Commando was officially created […]

35th Anniversary

Today is the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was celebrating the 25th Anniversary and my 25th birthday in Somalia and parachuting in the hot African desert. Four years later, just before the Regiments 29th birthday, it all came to an end when […]

3 Commando BBQ

The date for the 3 Cdo BBQ is the 28th of June. There will be a memorial service on DZ Anzio in the morning around 1100 for those who wish to attend and then the BBQ will be in the afternoon at about 1500. It will either be at 3 RCR’s building or on Anzio […]

Airborne Luncheon

I just received word that the 15th Annual Airborne Luncheon will be held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto on Friday, 11 April 2003. If you are interested in attending, click on the “Continue Reading” link below for more information.

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