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The Airborne Memorial Cairn in Edmonton has been unveiled, but there is still a chance to have your name on the Donor Honour Roll Plaque and be a part of history. The deadline has been extended to 15 Semptember 2014 if you are interested. As a reminder, the criteria for this means you must put […]

The producers of the Paratroopers movie project have commissioned a limited edition print by the world famous aviation artist Robert Bailey to support the movie. Prints are available for $149 from or directly from Dixon Christie at For those who have not heard about the project, Paratroopers is the history of Canada’s military […]

Basic Para 7806

Colin Bokovay was good enough to send in a copy of the course photo from Basic Para 7806, so I have uploaded it to the Unit Photos section of the website. Head over and see if you can identify anyone and if you have photos of your own that you would like to share, send […]

I don’t know how this book passed under the radar, but Lt Col Bernd Horn has published another beautifully illustrated history of Airborne Forces in Canada from the 1st Cdn Para Battalion in 1942, through the Canadian Airborne Regiment and on to the Parachute companies. The 1st Canadian Parachute Bn jumped into Normandy on D-Day […]

During a night drop on the 8th of May, 1968, seven troopers drowned in the Ottawa river during what was supposed to be a routine drop onto the Mattawa Plains at CFB Petawawa resulting in the largest single-day loss of life at the base. If you are near Petawawa this weekend, the Canadian Airborne Association […]

Somalia Photos

Noonan from 1 Cdo sent me 30 photos from Somalia that I have finally uploaded to the gallery. Head over and check them out. I also added an FSF Calling card to the badges and insignia section.

Cyprus, Jump and Unit Photos

Bob and Don have been at it again sending in stacks of photos. In the albums, you will find a new unit photo from F Coy, 2 Cdo 1975, a couple of jump pics from Edmonton in 76/76 and a few more shots from Cyprus. Thanks for sending in the photos guys. If anyone else […]

13 New Cyprus Photos

Bob scanned in his photos from Lournjina Cyprus, 1974 and I have uploaded them to the end of the Cyprus section of the photo albums.

New Cyprus Photos

Donald MacKenzie (coin #18) who served with 2 Cdo, F Coy from 1968 to 1976, has sent me a whole bunch of photos from OP Mojave, Cyprus. I have uploaded them to the Cyprus section of the photo albums more than doubling the number of photos. There is also a new unit photo from F […]

CABC Photos

Jayson Bickerton sent in a few photos from CABC, Edmonton and I have added them to the photo albums. Anyone who is longing to relive their memories of slipping away in the swings or jumping out of the mock tower can find the photos at the end of the Unit Training photo album. Enjoy your […]

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