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Call For Unit Crests, T-Shirts and Badges

Jason Rose wrote to me a couple of days ago asking if I had copies of the crests on the various sub-unit t-shirts or photos of jump smocks and DEU’s, especially of the badges. This is a common request and a big hole in the site, so he sent me what he has already and […]

Guess Who

Burke Fiege sent me a great jump course graduation photo from 1966. Check it out, make sure you click on the medium size photo to see the full version and then tell me who that smirking face 3rd from the left at the back belongs to. Anyone who ever served should know. Thanks Burke!

The Airborne On D-Day

The Legion Magazine published a feature called The Airborne On D-Day – Part 21 which talks about airborne operations during WWII and focuses on the D-Day invasion. Anyone who is interested in military history will enjoy reading it.

Photos of Jump Course in Camp Shilo, 1952

WJ Conway sent me two photos of his jump course graduation in 1952 and I have added them to the Parades and Unit Photos sections of the Photo Albums. In other news, I am fairly confident that the email is back up and getting through, so feel free to contact me. I am in the […]

Updated Book Section

I have updated the Book Section of the site by removing most of the out of print books. I have also switched all of the links from to since most of us are in Canada. If you purchase any books from after going there following any of the links from this site, […]

Cyprus Photos

Angus Carten sent me six photos, most of them from Cyprus and one from an ex in the Mojave desert. I have added them all to the Photo Albums section of the site, so head over and check them out.

Cyprus Section

I have begun work on the Cyprus section of the website, so head over and check it out. I would like to thank Bob MacAlister for sending me the pictures that I used in this section and give credit to Don Halcrow for taking a several of these photos. I would like to continue to […]

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