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Help Light the Flame of Hope

With Christmas fast approaching, what better time to introduce you to a new project in support of our military families. As you all know, military wives and mothers have always kept the home fires burning. More than ever in recent times, military families are called upon to be strong in the face of constant stresses […]

Happy Birthday WO Hubley

Warrant Officer Robert R Hubley will be celebrating his 70th birthday on November 27th. He served with the Regiment in Kingston from 1995 to 1958 and then with Airborne HQ and Signal Squadron in Edmonton from 1973 to 1977. During his 27 years of service he did 7 UN tours. On behalf of everyone at […]

WO Lanteigne Completes 1000 Static Line Jumps

Last month, WO Rock Lanteigne became the first person to complete 1,000 static line jumps with a round military chute. He also has over 2,500 free-fall decents. Congratulations on an amazing feat, you do us all proud. The complete article is available in English et Fran├žais in PDF format with the full story.

Fred Topham’s VC

Gord Gosse has asked me to post the following. It is a good cause, do what you can to help out… Come on guys. There’s a VC for sale that we should take an interest in. Fred Topham’s VC is going on the block by his “estate” (read for those whose only interest is money) […]

I was just reading a BBC News article that caught my eye. The US military has come up with a dehydrated field ration that can be rehydrated with urine or dirty water. I will never compain about IMPs again!

The Khadrs Continued

I found an interesting comment in the Deport the Khadrs post that I found insulting and prompted a long reply. Head over and give it a read and add to the discussion, I am interested in hearing other people’s opinions and feelings.

Call for PPCLI/2 Cdo troops

I just received an email from Troy MacInnis requesting help on a project. I will just copy the whole email below… It’s Troy MacInnis here, seeing if the Patricia’s can help an “old Pat” out. It’s not money or anything like that, but because you guys are the ultimate resource for my project, I would […]

Khadr Petition Removed

I have not yet found out why, but I am looking into it, but the petition to deport the Khadr family was removed. I have seen rumours of death threats against Donna and/or the petition might of been removed because it was considered racist. If either of these are the case, then it is a […]

I have been somewhat outraged this week that the Canadian government allowed the Khadr family back into Canada. The mother has brought her 15 year old son back to Canada so that he can receive free health care after being paralysed in a shootout between Pakastani forces and terrorist groups. His father was killed in […]

The Danish government has claimed sovereignty over Hans Island, a small island in the high Canadian arctic. Denmark has even sent a warship and sailors have gone so far as to occupy the island during regular arctic patrols (in our waters?) and to raise the Danish flag over the island. The Canadian government is being […]

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