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The next issue of The Maroon Beret will be ready for the CAFA AGM at the end of April. To accomplish this, John Fotheringham will require your submissions of articles and photos by 1 March 2004. Please send your articles (in MS Word format, please) and photos (all photos will be returned) to John Fotheringham, […]

Canadian Forces Manuals Online

I found a cool website today that I thought some of you may be interested in. The Land Force Doctrine and Training System has an Army Electronic Library online with many CF Manuals. You may also be interested in the Canadian Army Lessons Learned Centre. Enjoy a bit of light reading…

Tragedy in Afghanistan

As I am sure most of you have already heard, two 3 RCR vehicles on patrol near Kabul hit a land mine on a previously cleared route. Two soldiers were killed and 3 wounded. If you haven’t heard, read the full story on the CBC website. My deepest condolences go out to the families of […]

Online Petition

Naomi Longson has just put up a well written letter and petition at calling for Vindication For The Canadian Airborne Regiment and asks that you head over and sign it. Read what she has to say then click on the Sign the Petition link at the bottom if you feel the same way. The […]

Today, Leon Benoit, the Alliance Defence Critic is starting a campaign to bring back the Airborne Regiment and we need your help. You can help to bring back the Airborne Regiment by downloading this petition (click here and save), printing it out, then collecting at least 25 signatures. Once the petition is complete, mail it […]

Restore the Airborne Regiment

Canadian Alliance Senior Defence Critic Leon Benoit will hold a news conference tomorrow at 11:30am in Ottawa, to launch a campaign to implement one of the recommendations of the Canadian Alliance Defence Policy White Paper, The New North – Strong and Free. Mr. Benoit will be joined by CA Defence Critics Deborah Grey and Rob […]

Another Sea King Crash

This isn’t exactly related to the Airborne, but another Sea King helicopter has crashed. This is of interest for two reasons. First, it shows the current governments total lack of regard for our military. The military has been trying to get the Sea Kings replaced for about 20 years now because they are dangerous and […]

Call for Somalia Jumpers

I got this email request today, so I thought I would pass it on to anyone who is interested. Hey Jumper! My name is Ron Smith and this is a favor I’m asking for. I’m looking for any jumpers who served in somalia with me. Many of us suffered serious side effects from the drug […]

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