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New Photos

I just went through my email inbox and found tons of photos that people have submitted but that I have been too lazy to get posted promptly. I spent the last few hours cleaning out most of my inbox and posting photos. If you look around, you will find new photos in most of the […]

3 Cdo Unit Photo From 1980

I have just uploaded a unit photo from 3 Cdo, 1980. There are a few very young faces in there I recognize. Anyone care to name a few of those faces?

Cyprus, Jump and Unit Photos

Bob and Don have been at it again sending in stacks of photos. In the albums, you will find a new unit photo from F Coy, 2 Cdo 1975, a couple of jump pics from Edmonton in 76/76 and a few more shots from Cyprus. Thanks for sending in the photos guys. If anyone else […]

13 New Cyprus Photos

Bob scanned in his photos from Lournjina Cyprus, 1974 and I have uploaded them to the end of the Cyprus section of the photo albums.

New Cyprus Photos

Donald MacKenzie (coin #18) who served with 2 Cdo, F Coy from 1968 to 1976, has sent me a whole bunch of photos from OP Mojave, Cyprus. I have uploaded them to the Cyprus section of the photo albums more than doubling the number of photos. There is also a new unit photo from F […]

CABC Photos

Jayson Bickerton sent in a few photos from CABC, Edmonton and I have added them to the photo albums. Anyone who is longing to relive their memories of slipping away in the swings or jumping out of the mock tower can find the photos at the end of the Unit Training photo album. Enjoy your […]

Tons of New Photos

I have been really bad at keeping the website up to date over the past year, so I did a bit of a blitz today and uploaded most of the photos everyone has sent me to the Photo Albums. There are dozens of new photos and even a couple of new sections. Check the Last […]

Photo of 1er CDO in French Guyana

Jim Morin sent in a photo of unarmed combat training during jungle warfare course, 1er CDO French Guyana, 1991. I have added it to the Photo Albums. It is on page 3 of the Unit Training album.

Photos of Jump Course in Camp Shilo, 1952

WJ Conway sent me two photos of his jump course graduation in 1952 and I have added them to the Parades and Unit Photos sections of the Photo Albums. In other news, I am fairly confident that the email is back up and getting through, so feel free to contact me. I am in the […]

Cyprus Photos

Angus Carten sent me six photos, most of them from Cyprus and one from an ex in the Mojave desert. I have added them all to the Photo Albums section of the site, so head over and check them out.

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