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New Photos

I am trapped at home today by the freak spring ice storms, so I have managed to get more photos scanned in and uploaded to the photo albums on the site. Head over and you will find 4 new shots in the Unit Training section and 20 new shots in the Somalia section of the […]

New Photos

Tom Verner and Bob MacAlister have sent me pictures which I have uploaded to the Airborne Photo Albums. If you head over, you will find a new Cyprus section and new photos added to most of the other sections, especially the Somalia section.

3 Cdo Unit Photos

I have scanned in and added to the Photos 3 Commando unit photos from 1991 and 1994. I also found a photo of Cpl Mike Abel who was killed in Somalia. I have added his photo to the Honour Roll section of the site. I would like to try to gather as many Airborne unit […]

All New Photos Section

I have completely reworked the photos section of the site and I have added several new photos. I would like to thank Ralph Pochadt, Rémi Gilbert, Gord Runtz, Jim Allen and Bob MacAlister for sending photos and other information to me. Together we can make this the best Drop Zone RV on the net. So, […]

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