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The future of

The forums here are fairly quiet these days and the front page of the website has turned into a death watch. Everyone has moved on to the Facebook groups which are easier to use and more interactive. Because of this, I am thinking about winding down parts of the site. I will not be closing […]

Russian Forum Ban

We get tons of spam on these forums and most of it comes from Russian IP addresses. I was looking at out logs today and nearly half of the traffic to these forums is spammers trying to get in and almost all of them are from Russia. To stop this misuse of the forums, I […]

New Webhost

As everyone knows, we have been having a lot of problems keeping the site up recently and it has been getting much worse recently. I tried everything I could think of to make the site more stable, but in the end, this site was much too popular for the old tired server that it was […]

Comments in the Photo Albums

In the last couple of months, there has been a flood of spam messages in the photo albums.  I have cleaned them up and Bobby has offered to keep an eye on them for me.  Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. To reduce the amount of comment spam, I have decided to only […]

The amount of spam that I have been getting on the website’s email address has increased to hundreds per day, so I have decided to retire the contact (at) email address. Anyone who has contacted me in the past has my real email address and that will continue to work. For others, simply go to […]

FAQ Page Added

We get tons of emails for the site and it gets hard to answer them all at times. Many of the emails are the same questions, so to make things a bit easier, I have added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the site. If you can think of any questions that should be added, […]

New Site Design

If you’ve been here before, you’ll quickly notice that I have radically redesigned the site. It used to be that the site was created using MoveableType, but the install was outdated and it wasn’t very easy to upgrade. I use WordPress for most of my other sites and it makes it so much easier to […]

Server Crash

The server crashed hard yesterday and I spent most of the night scavenging parts from other computers to get it running again. Everything seems to be working again except for some minor style problems in the photo albums, but expect some short downtime in the coming weeks as I move to a more reliable server. […]

Forum Upgrade

I have finally got off my lazy ass and upgraded the forums to a newer version. Some of you might have seen it closed today, or with default templates, sorry for the hassle. I did this so that I could enable more advanced new-user confirmation when registering to prevent spam accounts. You need an account […]

Comments Disabled

The site has been hit really hard by spammers trying to enter comments on these posts and it was causing the site to be unresponsive. Since most of the discussion on this site is through the forums, I have decided to disable comments from now on. The spammers can take their spam and shove it…

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