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ISP Transfer

If you’ve tried to access the site recently or tried to send email in the last week, you will already know that the server has been offline. My ISP was cut-off by Bell last week. I quickly got on with a new ISP, but Bell had to follow procedure and disconnect my line, then reconnect […]

Server Down

All of our websites were offline from about 6pm Monday until late Tuesday night. Our ISP was cut off by Bell Canada over a legal dispute and are now piggy-backing off of another ISP. I am seriously thinking of switching to another ISP, so the websites and email may go offline again in the next […]

Forums back up

A database upgrade last night went horribly wrong and required many hours of fixing and updating. Luckily it looks like no data was lost and the forums are back online.

Did you miss us?

I know, I know, the site was down for over a day and none of you could get your forum fix. You poor bastards, what did you do in the meantime? Spend some time with your families? Read a book? Don’t worry, we’ll have none of that and you can now get back to your […]

Server Down

It seems that every time I go on vacation, the server goes down a couple of days after I leave. Sorry about that, I am back and the system is back up and running. Most of my email got through, or will get through, but if anything you sent me bounced, feel free to send […]


Sorry guys, I know the site has been slow as hell lately. I know where the problem is and am trying to get it fixed, but it has been a back and forth between me and the service provider. Hopefully soon.

The Site Will Be Down

I just want to let everyone know that the site will be going down for a day or two sometime this week. I am moving to a new, more reliable and cheaper Internet provider. The switch will actually be fairly quick, but it may take a while for the change of address to propagate. Hopefully […]

The Khadrs Continued

I found an interesting comment in the Deport the Khadrs post that I found insulting and prompted a long reply. Head over and give it a read and add to the discussion, I am interested in hearing other people’s opinions and feelings.

More Time On My Hands

I suddenly find myself with a bit more time on my hands. The company I worked for, Semaview is cash strapped and laid off all of its developers this week to reduce its burn rate. That leaves me unemployed and looking for work. If you know anyone who is looking for a a senior C/C++/C# […]

Server Down

I just wanted to apologize to everyone who tried to access the server this morning. We had a long power outage and I can only keep the server running for about 10 minutes without power. So, if you were trying to get on this morning and couldn’t, you’ve heard it before, “Its not you, its […]

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