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I’m Sick of the Viruses

There are tons of email viruses going around these days and I am getting pretty sick of filtering them out of my email. Since many of them are coming to this website’s email address, some of you ARE infected. So, I am going to ask that everyone out there do three things; Go to Symantec’s […]

Email Down

If anyone has sent me email since the 20th of December or so, email on the server has been down and I haven’t received anything. Of course, after working reliably for months, it goes down just after I leave for England for Christmas! Anyway, I think I am back and I think I have found […]

Webserver Upgrade

I did a major upgrade of the webserver yesterday, so the website was offline for most of the morning. I am still finding things that I missed, so if anyone notices any errors anywhere on the site, please let me know so that I can get them fixed. Thanks


I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not updating the site more often nor returning emails. I just got back from vacation and am approaching an important deadline at work. Because of this, I have been neglecting several things in my life, this site being one of them. Rest assured though, everyone who sent […]

Computer Virus

I have received several bounced emails recently with virus attachements and a couple of emails from people who thought that they received the klez virus from me. I checked the headers from the original email and it is coming from someone in Ottawa, not from my computer. Actually, is an alias email address and […]

Desktop Wallpaper

Kevin Painchaud has submitted desktop wallpaper for the site in two sizes. I am so impressed with the work he put into it that I have decided to host them myself and make them available to everyone. Here is a reduced preview version, but you really need to download one of the full size versions […]

News Archives

I have added links to archives of all the old news that has been posted on the site since January. If you want to read back through the news or find old items, just go through the monthly archives on the left.

Still Snowed In

The ice storm continues and I still can’t get out of my driveway (I knew I shouldn’t have sold my 4WD truck.) I can’t bring myself to watch daytime TV, so instead I have been continuing to update the site. If you click on the War Stories link you will notice that I have re-organized […]

New Photos

I am trapped at home today by the freak spring ice storms, so I have managed to get more photos scanned in and uploaded to the photo albums on the site. Head over and you will find 4 new shots in the Unit Training section and 20 new shots in the Somalia section of the […]

Forums Changed

Opps, I was upgrading the forums today to newer and more powerful forums, but in the process I nuked the database and lost everything! That means that all of the great posts that have been written and all user accounts have been lost. I am really sorry, but what is done is done, so we […]

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