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All New Photos Section

I have completely reworked the photos section of the site and I have added several new photos. I would like to thank Ralph Pochadt, Rémi Gilbert, Gord Runtz, Jim Allen and Bob MacAlister for sending photos and other information to me. Together we can make this the best Drop Zone RV on the net. So, […]

Time to Get Back To Work

For those of you that noticed, I had a few formatting problems with the site after updating to this new news system. I finally figured out what was wrong though and everything seems to be back to normal. I can now get back down to business and start updating the site. I really must apologize […]

Rework of Site

I have added a new method of adding news to the site so that people can leave comments and so that it is easier for me to add new stuff to the site. I hope you like it. I have also received a lot of contributions for the site. As soon as I get a […]

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