ISP Transfer

If you’ve tried to access the site recently or tried to send email in the last week, you will already know that the server has been offline. My ISP was cut-off by Bell last week. I quickly got on with a new ISP, but Bell had to follow procedure and disconnect my line, then reconnect it 5 days later.

Obviously, we are back up and hopefully it will be the last outage for awhile. If you sent email in the last week, it probably bounced and didn’t get through, so if it was important, please resend.

Server Down

All of our websites were offline from about 6pm Monday until late Tuesday night. Our ISP was cut off by Bell Canada over a legal dispute and are now piggy-backing off of another ISP. I am seriously thinking of switching to another ISP, so the websites and email may go offline again in the next couple of weeks. Please bear with us as we sort this out.

Airborne RV Is This Weekend

Just a quick, final reminder, The Airborne RV is this weekend in Petawawa. If you need it, you can download the updated schedule of events. You can also find more information on the RV Website.

Have a great weekend.

The Town of Petawawa has invited 2 CMBG to re-new its Freedom of the Town. Accordingly, 2 CMBG will march to the Town Offices and exercise its right to march through the town with bayonets fixed, drums beating and colours flying. The formal ceremony will take place at the Town Offices on Victoria Street at 1100 hrs, 01 July 2005. Spectators are requested to be seated by 1045 hrs.

In commemoration of the Year of the Veteran, the Commander of 2 CMBG, Colonel Al Howard will invite the veterans present to fall in on the right flank and to lead 2 CMBG for a portion of the route. After approximately 750 metres, the Veterans will wheel into a paved area where they will make a left turn. 2 CMBG will then march past them and give them an ‘Eyes Right!’

The 1 Can Para Association will form the core of the Airborne veterans group and will begin to form up at 1030 hrs at the Town Offices. All other Airborne RV participants are invited and encouraged to fall in with this gallant group of soldiers. Ideally, the dress will be maroon blazers, maroon beret and medals but a maroon beret will do or merely an airborne spirit. Please show up and show the spectators “what manner of men wear the maroon beret!”

The Airborne RV Registration Desk will be open throughout the day so that RV participants may register after the parade, if this is more convenient.

New Photos

I just went through my email inbox and found tons of photos that people have submitted but that I have been too lazy to get posted promptly. I spent the last few hours cleaning out most of my inbox and posting photos. If you look around, you will find new photos in most of the sections of the albums, so have fun looking around.

To all of you that submitted photos, I apologize for taking so bloody long. You guys deserve better. That said, I posted most of your photos, but not all. Space is a factor on the server, so I try to limit posts to the best photos. Best of course is very subjective 😉

I still have a few more Cyprus photos to post, but the emails are so large I cannot download them right now. As soon as I get them off the server I will post them.

Forums back up

A database upgrade last night went horribly wrong and required many hours of fixing and updating. Luckily it looks like no data was lost and the forums are back online.

3 Cdo Unit Photo From 1980

I have just uploaded a unit photo from 3 Cdo, 1980. There are a few very young faces in there I recognize. Anyone care to name a few of those faces?

Sgt WE (Bill) Brown

Sgt Bill Brown of 2 Cdo died Sunday morning at the University Hospital in Edmonton at the age of 71 . Bill served with the PPCLI from 1950 through to 1970 when at that time joined the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton until 1976 serving for 26 years .

He served in 2 separate tours in Germany while with the PPCLI and in Cyprus with 2 Cdo of the Canadian Airborne Regiment .

Billy as he was known died after a long bout with Huntington’s Disease passed away in his sleep . He is survived by his 4 sons Michael, Barry, Stacy and Roger and 8 Grandchildren .

A memorial service will be held March 4 2005 at Park Memorial Funeral Home in Edmonton at 3:30 p.m.

Cyprus, Jump and Unit Photos

Bob and Don have been at it again sending in stacks of photos. In the albums, you will find a new unit photo from F Coy, 2 Cdo 1975, a couple of jump pics from Edmonton in 76/76 and a few more shots from Cyprus.

Thanks for sending in the photos guys. If anyone else has photos that they would like to send in, just let me know. We especially need more unit photos to fill in the gaps, so dig into your barracks boxes guys and see what you can find.

The Airborne RV website has been updated with a ton of information on the upcoming reunion, so make sure that you head over, check it out, send in your registration and I’ll see you there.

You can download the Billingual Registration Form and the Event Itinerary using these links.

I posted a lot today, so make sure that you keep scrolling down and reading. It is going to be a busy year.

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