37th Regimental Birthday

Airborne Regiment Association of Canada invites you to attend the 37th Regimental Birthday at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Le Manoir Du Casino in Hull on 9 April 2005 at 19.00 hrs.

For full information on dress, costs, accomodations, etc, please download the English or French invitation.

On the 9th May 05, the association will be at Wegner Point, CFB Petawawa at 15.00 hrs, to hold a memorial service. Keep an eye on the Airborne Association site for more information.

13 New Cyprus Photos

Bob scanned in his photos from Lournjina Cyprus, 1974 and I have uploaded them to the end of the Cyprus section of the photo albums.

New Cyprus Photos

Donald MacKenzie (coin #18) who served with 2 Cdo, F Coy from 1968 to 1976, has sent me a whole bunch of photos from OP Mojave, Cyprus. I have uploaded them to the Cyprus section of the photo albums more than doubling the number of photos. There is also a new unit photo from F Coy, 2 Cdo from 1976. Thanks for the photos.

CABC Photos

Jayson Bickerton sent in a few photos from CABC, Edmonton and I have added them to the photo albums. Anyone who is longing to relive their memories of slipping away in the swings or jumping out of the mock tower can find the photos at the end of the Unit Training photo album. Enjoy your perversions!

Award Ceremony for Cpl Mike Abel

David and Dianna Abel will receive the Dag Hammarskjold Medal in memory of their Son Corporal Michael Abel, who was killed whilst serving with the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Somalia.

The award ceremony will take place at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #91 –
7615 Station Avenue, Victoria BC from 1200 hrs (noon) to 1400 hrs (2PM) – on Tuesday the 25th of January.

Everyone here is urged to attend if possible.

Did you miss us?

I know, I know, the site was down for over a day and none of you could get your forum fix. You poor bastards, what did you do in the meantime? Spend some time with your families? Read a book? Don’t worry, we’ll have none of that and you can now get back to your important discussions in the forums. Of course, I expect the discussions to carry on at the same high level they were before…

There was a dispute between my service provider and Bell Canada and Bell shut them down for the day. The lawyers were let loose and things have been turned on again, but I will be watching the situation to see if I need to find another provider. There is nothing worse than a pack of lawyers on your tail though. I’d rather face an entire batallion with one mag left and a bottle of rum.

Fred Topham’s VC

Gord Gosse has asked me to post the following. It is a good cause, do what you can to help out…

Come on guys. There’s a VC for sale that we should take an interest in. Fred Topham’s VC is going on the block by his “estate” (read for those whose only interest is money) for 275K. If we don’t raise sufficient funds to purchase this and leave it with the National Museum, it will end up in the hands of an offshore interest. As one of the last VC’s presented to a Canadian we should do our best to make sure it stays in Canada. We, the Airborne, have been kicked from ******* to kettle for years by the public and the politicans. Surely the least we can do is spit in the face of these people and say “This is one piece of Airborne History you won’t get you hands on or won’t spoil”. If all the guys who served with the Airborne gave 20 or 30 dollars we could keep the medal in our own Country and prove to those that we care about our heritage. Get in contact with the Airborne Social Club in Edmonton or the QOR of C in Toronto to find our how you can donate. Come on let’s give the *******s one final shove out the door!!!

Canadian Airborne Forces will be holding a reunion in conjunction with the Major celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of Canadian Forces Base Petawawa July 1-3 2005.

This milestone event will be attracting both serving & former Military members who have lived & served in CFB Petawawa over the last century. The Canadian Airborne Forces Association (CAFA) the Airborne Association of Canada (ARAC) and the Airborne Brotherhood are combining efforts with the Base to include all major units who served in Petawawa as part of the historic celebrations.

CFB Petawawa will be holding a number of proposed events to celebrate and attract Soldiers & Civilians alike. The three day event will host attractions such as a tactical Parachute drop by members of the 3 RCR Parachute Company, the breath taking aerial parachute displays of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team “The Sky Hawks”, Military firepower demonstrations, Individual Unit & equipment displays and a special re opening of the CFB Petawawa & Airborne Forces Museum to name only a few.

Dinner & dance parties will be a nightly event hosted by the various units, associations and a spectacular fireworks show July 1st to celebrate both Canada day & the Base’s 100th Birthday! This 100 years celebration is open to all & will bring back old friends and fond memories of years past.

For more information, contact the CFB Petawawa Public Affairs office at 2CMBG Head Quarters (613) 687-5511 extension 6721

Internet site is www.airbornerv.homestead.com detailed updates, press releases, hotel & camp ground listings, maps of the area & more!

Jason Rose wrote to me a couple of days ago asking if I had copies of the crests on the various sub-unit t-shirts or photos of jump smocks and DEU’s, especially of the badges. This is a common request and a big hole in the site, so he sent me what he has already and I have uploaded them to the Badges section of the photo gallery.

If anyone has better copies, original artwork or photots, please send them through so that we can preserve this part of our history.

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