Server Down

It seems that every time I go on vacation, the server goes down a couple of days after I leave. Sorry about that, I am back and the system is back up and running. Most of my email got through, or will get through, but if anything you sent me bounced, feel free to send it again. It should work now.


Sorry guys, I know the site has been slow as hell lately. I know where the problem is and am trying to get it fixed, but it has been a back and forth between me and the service provider. Hopefully soon.

The Site Will Be Down

I just want to let everyone know that the site will be going down for a day or two sometime this week. I am moving to a new, more reliable and cheaper Internet provider. The switch will actually be fairly quick, but it may take a while for the change of address to propagate. Hopefully you won’t even notice, but just in case…

I was just reading a BBC News article that caught my eye. The US military has come up with a dehydrated field ration that can be rehydrated with urine or dirty water. I will never compain about IMPs again!

The Khadrs Continued

I found an interesting comment in the Deport the Khadrs post that I found insulting and prompted a long reply. Head over and give it a read and add to the discussion, I am interested in hearing other people’s opinions and feelings.

More Time On My Hands

I suddenly find myself with a bit more time on my hands. The company I worked for, Semaview is cash strapped and laid off all of its developers this week to reduce its burn rate. That leaves me unemployed and looking for work. If you know anyone who is looking for a a senior C/C++/C# application architect/ developer/ analyst in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga and the surrounding area, send them a link to my resume or let me know. If they need a Word version of my resume, you can download it.

Maybe this will give me the time I need to make a number of updates to the site that I have been planning.

Server Down

I just wanted to apologize to everyone who tried to access the server this morning. We had a long power outage and I can only keep the server running for about 10 minutes without power. So, if you were trying to get on this morning and couldn’t, you’ve heard it before, “Its not you, its me.”

Bournewest Reunion 2004

Anyone living in Western Canada should head over and check out the Bornewest website. They are planning another Airborne reunion this summer. The format will be the same as last year. Friday, 11 June will be a Meet and Greet. Saturday, 12 June will be the evening dinner, followed by a ‘Variety Show’ and dance. Sunday, 13 June, they will have the traditional Memorial Parade followed by brunch.

All activities will take place at the Area Support Unit Mess which is located just off Keith Wilson Road in Chilliwack, BC. If you are interested in going, download and send in the registration form by 20 May.

Call for PPCLI/2 Cdo troops

I just received an email from Troy MacInnis requesting help on a project. I will just copy the whole email below…

It’s Troy MacInnis here, seeing if the Patricia’s can help an “old Pat” out. It’s not money or anything like that, but because you guys are the ultimate resource for my project, I would appreciate any help you can give me.

I want to gather stories from soldiers that have served whenever/wherever with either the PPCLI or 2Cdo (within the Airborne Regiment) about any good times/funny memories of their own experiences during their time in the Regiment. They could be from the Colonel of the Regiment, all the way to the “no-hook” private. Once I get as many stories as I can, with good taste (or at least a little cleaned up-you get the picture), I plan to compile them into a book. Anywhere we can find some good ones would help. e.g.-the PPCLI association, all 3 battalions, the Parachute Centre, the Airborne association even the PPCLI chat rooms, basically wherever we can reach them.

Depending on the response, I can’t promise everyone’s stuff will be used at this point (although I would if I could), but I’m sure every soldier has many memories/stories that others can appreciate. So as a starting point, I’d love any responses from any PPCLI/2Cdo troops, past or present.

This is my way of giving back to the place I called my home, my family for many years, and a way for the troops to get a laugh out of each other, even if they don’t know them personally (because we can all relate to another soldier’s tales).

So long for now, and let me know how this sounds. Feel free to call me (780) 487-9909 or email with any questions.

Guess Who

Burke Fiege sent me a great jump course graduation photo from 1966.

Check it out, make sure you click on the medium size photo to see the full version and then tell me who that smirking face 3rd from the left at the back belongs to. Anyone who ever served should know. Thanks Burke!

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