Khadr Petition Removed

I have not yet found out why, but I am looking into it, but the petition to deport the Khadr family was removed. I have seen rumours of death threats against Donna and/or the petition might of been removed because it was considered racist. If either of these are the case, then it is a sad state of affairs that we now live in a country where you are not free to hold an opinion or petition your government. That is not the Canada nor the ideals I sacrificed a good part of my life to defend.

If anyone has any information regarding this, please comment below. One possible explanation is the petition to Deport Racists From Canada that basically states that the original petition was racist and harmful. If you don’t feel this way, then you could always write to the author of that petition, Ron Anicich and let him know that this is a free country, that the petition was not racially motivated, and that we as a society should be able to express our opinions without the threat of hate or attack. Most people would like to see the Khadr’s deported not for their race nor their religion, but because of their unrepented allegiance to and membership in a terrorist organization.

Maha Khadr (the mother) has even stated “You know we are promised that we go to heaven, […] I’d love to die like that. I’d love my daughter to die… even if [it is] simple, very simple, naïve.” A Toronto psycologist feels that this is child abuse and there is a petiition to that effect at Karim, a child, needs your Protection. It raises a good point, is the brainwashing of the children to be held against them? Feel free to fight that one out in the forums.

UPDATE: Sorry, the link to the new petition was broken. It is fixed now.

I have been somewhat outraged this week that the Canadian government allowed the Khadr family back into Canada. The mother has brought her 15 year old son back to Canada so that he can receive free health care after being paralysed in a shootout between Pakastani forces and terrorist groups. His father was killed in the attack. In my opinion, being self proclaimed members of a terrorist organization, they have lost their rights to Canadian citizenship and the benefits it provides. Bin Laden isn’t looking after them any more, so they come crawling back to Canada with their tails between their legs.

On my way into work this morning I heard about an online petition to deport the Khadr family so I did a search for it and signed it. If you feel the same way, throw in your support by clicking the link and signing.

The Danish government has claimed sovereignty over Hans Island, a small island in the high Canadian arctic. Denmark has even sent a warship and sailors have gone so far as to occupy the island during regular arctic patrols (in our waters?) and to raise the Danish flag over the island.

The Canadian government is being typically complacent. Aileen Carroll, the Minister of International Co-operation says that “No assertion by the Danish ambassador or other Danish officials detracts from the absolute sovereignty that Canada enjoys over Hans Island. This is also the official position of Foreign Affairs.

She says this despite the fact that Mr Taksoe-Jensen from the Danish Ministry of Foriegn Affairs has stated that “it is part of Danish territory, [and] we feel officials have that right [to raise the flag]. It is only natural that Danish officials go there from time to time.” He also said that Copenhagen would take issue if Canada also landed soldiers on the island.

It seems pretty clear to me what Denmark’s intentions are.

You may say that it is only a small island in the high arctic, so who cares. I would counter that by saying that this is just one of several disputes where Canada is both unwilling and unable to protect its sovereignty. We have under-funded our military for so long that there is very little we could do about this even if there was a political will. This is also just the beginning. The United States has repeatedly claimed that they have a right to drill for oil in the Canadian arctic waters. The only thing that has stopped them so far are technical difficulties and cost. Our government’s weak protests seem to go unheard in Washington.

If you would like to write to Aileen Carroll and let her know how you feel about this, you can email her at, write to her in Ottawa at House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6 or at her Constituency Office, 7 Anne Street South Unit 10, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 2C4. You may also want to email Paul Martin about this and his disregard of the military. His email address is

Tons of New Photos

I have been really bad at keeping the website up to date over the past year, so I did a bit of a blitz today and uploaded most of the photos everyone has sent me to the Photo Albums. There are dozens of new photos and even a couple of new sections. Check the Last Changed date on each album to find the new photos. You will find photos dating back as far as 1948, photos from Cyrpus, tons of new unit training and unit photos.

Thanks to everyone who sent photos in. I am sorry it took so long ot get them up. I still have dozens of other updates you have all sent in waiting in my inbox. I will do my best to get to them soon.

I’m Sick of the Viruses

There are tons of email viruses going around these days and I am getting pretty sick of filtering them out of my email. Since many of them are coming to this website’s email address, some of you ARE infected. So, I am going to ask that everyone out there do three things;

  1. Go to Symantec’s Free Online Virus Checker, click OK and then Start Virus Detect to see if your computer is infected. If it is, download virus removal tools and do something about it.
  2. Be very wary opening attachements in your email, even if they come from someone you know. I only open attachments that I am expecting and I know are safe. That funny joke program someone sends you may run fine, but it may also be installing a trojan backdoor into your system or worse, a virus. Virus scanners won’t catch most back doors…
  3. If you send attachments in your emails, explain exactly what they are so that people can make informed decisions before opening them.

Cover your arcs guys. Your security is up to you. End rant…

36th Regimental Birthday

You and your guest(s) are invited to attend the 36th Airborne Regiment Birthday social event at night at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, le Manoir du Casino in Hull on the evening of the 10 Apr 04. RSVP and prepayment for the dinner is needed prior to 6 April 2004.

En honneur de la 36 ième anniversaire du Régiment Aéroporté et pour offrir a tout les Paras passés et présents la chance de partager des bonnes mémoires a le Ramada Plaza Hotel, le Manoir du Casino in Hull.

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Joe Drouin has updated his Airborne Kitshop website and has several new items for sale. I have update my links in the Kitshop and Links sections to the new location, so you should be able to find his page. The Airborne Association website has also been totally reworked. It has a lot more French content than I am able to provide and some good pictures.

I have received a couple of phone calls recently about the kitshop. Please note that this website is in no way associated with the kitshop and nothing is sold here. I provide the links only as a convenience. Also, I tend to not return phone calls about the kitshop, sorry.

This is old news, but I enjoyed reading it. CNews published an article entitled Canada’s disbanded airborne regiment alive and well about the ex-Airborne in Afghanistan. Its nice to see that we still get some respect in Canada and in the media.

The next issue of The Maroon Beret will be ready for the CAFA AGM at the end of April. To accomplish this, John Fotheringham will require your submissions of articles and photos by 1 March 2004.

Please send your articles (in MS Word format, please) and photos (all photos will be returned) to John Fotheringham, c/o The Queen’s Own Rifles, 130 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1R9.

If you will be a little late in your submission, please contact John with anticipated delivery date, so that he may hold a place for you in the magazine. The draft will need to be at the printer NLT 1 April to meet the AGM deadline.

The Airborne On D-Day

The Legion Magazine published a feature called The Airborne On D-Day – Part 21 which talks about airborne operations during WWII and focuses on the D-Day invasion. Anyone who is interested in military history will enjoy reading it.

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