Media Biases

I woke up this morning to the news on the radio. Leading off was a video tape of RCMP officers making racist remarks. This was followed by the ongoing story of corruption in the Toronto police drug squad. Seventeen members had been under investigation for numerous crimes including assault, perjury, drug trafficking, extortion, etc. In the end, 6 had been charged. Next, the story switched to a senior police officer stating that the investigations will give the community confidence in the integrity of the remaining drug squad members. A leading criminologist then came on and stated that the public is unwilling to believe that this was anything more than a few bad apples.

Where were the calls for disbandment? Why are politicians silent? Why are people defending them? Why the balanced views hearing both sides of the story? Why does the Canadian public continue to support every public institution except for the military whose men and women risk their lives daily around the world defending the ideals Canadians believe in?

Of course there was no-one defending us, we were under a gag order and we obeyed that order as we had every other one. We were condemned men unable to defend ourselves and trusting our superiors and the government to do it for us. We had sacrificed so much to defend our country, surely they would do the same for us? We were naive I guess, NDHQ betrayed us and left us to the wolves…

I guess I am still bitter.

Photo of 1er CDO in French Guyana

Jim Morin sent in a photo of unarmed combat training during jungle warfare course, 1er CDO French Guyana, 1991. I have added it to the Photo Albums. It is on page 3 of the Unit Training album.

Canadian Forces Manuals Online

I found a cool website today that I thought some of you may be interested in. The Land Force Doctrine and Training System has an Army Electronic Library online with many CF Manuals. You may also be interested in the Canadian Army Lessons Learned Centre. Enjoy a bit of light reading…

WJ Conway sent me two photos of his jump course graduation in 1952 and I have added them to the Parades and Unit Photos sections of the Photo Albums.

In other news, I am fairly confident that the email is back up and getting through, so feel free to contact me. I am in the middle of a release at work, so I haven’t been updating the site very much lately. Hopefully it will slow down soon and I can get through everything in my inbox and a flurry of updates will appear soon.

Email Down

If anyone has sent me email since the 20th of December or so, email on the server has been down and I haven’t received anything. Of course, after working reliably for months, it goes down just after I leave for England for Christmas! Anyway, I think I am back and I think I have found a workaround for the problem. I will let everyone know when the email is back up and you can get back in touch.

Recce Patrolman 8902

I have just added a course photo from from Recce Patrolman 8902 and a unit photo from Support Pl, 3 Cdo Circa 1989-1990. I have also received tons of other information and pictures and am still working on getting it up. Check back…

Memorial Service

The memorial service for Sgt. Robert Short and Cpl. Robbie Beerenfenger will be at the Pembroke Memorial Center on Tues 7 Oct at 1200hrs.

Tragedy in Afghanistan

As I am sure most of you have already heard, two 3 RCR vehicles on patrol near Kabul hit a land mine on a previously cleared route. Two soldiers were killed and 3 wounded. If you haven’t heard, read the full story on the CBC website.

My deepest condolences go out to the families of the men that were killed, Sgt. Robert Short and Cpl. Robbie Beerenfenger. Also, wishes for a speedy recovery of the three soldiers injured in the blast, MCpl. Jason Hamilton, Cpl. Thomas Stirling and Cpl. Cameron Laidlaw.

Webserver Upgrade

I did a major upgrade of the webserver yesterday, so the website was offline for most of the morning. I am still finding things that I missed, so if anyone notices any errors anywhere on the site, please let me know so that I can get them fixed.



I just wanted to apologize to everyone for not updating the site more often nor returning emails. I just got back from vacation and am approaching an important deadline at work. Because of this, I have been neglecting several things in my life, this site being one of them. Rest assured though, everyone who sent stuff in, it is still in my inbox and I will manage to get the site updated eventually. I appreciate all of the help and contributions that you all send and I am sorry if I am a bit slow getting it up at times…

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