Cyprus Gathering – Ottawa

The Ottawa Chapter of the Airborne Regiment Association will be holding a gathering at Major Holland VC Armoury – WO’S & Sgt’s Mess, 2100 Walkley Road Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday 18 Oct 2003 at 19:30 hrs. The purpose of the gathering is for all those who participated in 1974 Cyprus conflict to meet once again.

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Col Eadie’s Funeral

Col Eadie’s funeral was held at St. Jude’s Church in Oakville ON., at 1430 hrs on 15 Aug 2003. Reflecting the esteem in which he was held in the Canadian Community at large, the church was full with many different uniforms in evidence. There was a significant attendance by the Ford Motor Co., by which Col Eadie was employed for many years after the war.

Most significant was the large number of maroon blazers with the Airborne Regiment being represented by three Ex Regimental Commanders. There were at least 50 members of the Colonel’s old unit 1 CAN PARA in attendance, and a myriad of British and other badges in evidence.

The service was a most moving one with padre Mark Sergeant, ex chaplain of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, co conducting the service and giving the eulogy. He spoke eloquently and movingly of the Colonel, his life and his career. He covered the spectrum of his activities as a man, soldier, husband and father. I was asked to pass on the regards of CAFA, ARAC and the Canadian Airborne Community, which I did with pride, having known the colonel for 25 years and learned much from his deep convictions, character and leadership. Perhaps most moving were the extemporaneous comments of Col Peter Kenward who had been asked to read the letter from Brig James Hill, Fraser’s WW 2 brigade Commander in UK. After reading the touching and most personal message, Peter spoke briefly and with feeling on how he had been tutored by the Colonel and, particularly in the black day’s of the Somalia Inquiry, had been inspired by the sage advice and support of Fraser who had become more like a ‘father’ than merely the Colonel of the Regiment. As the casket was moved from the Church it was carried through two lines of old jumpers and into the hearse. Again most moving and appropriate.

Fraser was laid to rest in a shady and beautiful corner of the Trafalgar Cemetery in Oakville, with the pallbearers being eight stalwarts of I CANPARA, headed by their president Jan De Vries. Two buglers from the Queen’s Own Rifles played the last post and reveille to sound the end of an illustrious career, a great Canadian and soldier.

The reception, held in the beautiful surroundings of the Oakville Holiday Inn Convention Centre, allowed us all to properly celebrate the full, happy, and most positive life of Fraser Eadie, Canadian soldier and paratrooper emeritus. May he rest in peace

As Posted by Ian Douglas
Pres CAFA, Chmn CAFM

Remembering a Airborne Soldier

Russ Gregoire and Mike Doucett posted a couple of comments that describe the way we all respected LCol Eadie. It seems wrong what they wrote is hidden away under the comments link, so I am reposting them here where everyone will see them.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of a real paratrooper and a true AIRBORNE soldier. God bless you all. Just a note, on a parade in Pet in 92 when he was the Honorary reviewing officer for one of our Regimental parades, he refused to inspect the band that was on parade with us, as the other officers at the time were going to do, because; as he stated to them” I only inspect fighting soldiers”. He then turned and headed back to the podium. We will never see real fighting officers like that ever again. We were all lucky just to be in his presence a time or two. AIRBORNE!

Posted by Russ Gregoire

I remember him adressing us at the 25th anniversary in 93 in Petawawa. Col. Eadie pulled no punches in describing the politicians and media and we loved him for it. Canada has lost a great citizen and soldier. My deepest condolences to his family. To Col. Eadie, fair winds and soft landings. AIRBORNE!

Posted by Mike Doucett

LCol Eadie was a great man and every soldier who knew him had the greatest respect for him. He was what legends are made of and will never be forgotten by his troops.

LCol Fraser Eadie

It is a sad day for the Regiment and the Airborne Brotherhood. LCol Fraser Eadie, CO of 1 Can Para and Colonel of the Canadian Airborne Regiment, passed away on Sunday. All of us knew him and had the greatest respect for him. The world is a lesser place without him and he will be missed.

The funeral will be held at St Jude’s Church in Oakville, ON on Fri 15th Aug at 1430 hrs. Anyone wishing to attend, please contact Ian Douglas, President of CAFA at since the capacity of the church could be a problem. As more information becomes available, I will post it here.

Frank, if you’re reading this, bugger off. Frank Hutchins enjoyed a memorable and colourful career in both a Royal bn and the CAR. Some of his many friends are planning a surprise gathering for his upcoming 50th birthday. They plan an open house event with local friends and acquaintances dropping by. What we hope to get from the readership is a collection of greetings to Frank and some ammunition with which he can be slowly roasted in front of his friends. Your stories and greetings will be printed and posted for his guests to enjoy. Please send whatever you care for Frank to enjoy or wince over to Chris Peterson at

Updated Book Section

I have updated the Book Section of the site by removing most of the out of print books. I have also switched all of the links from to since most of us are in Canada.

If you purchase any books from after going there following any of the links from this site, a portion of your sale will go to supporting this site. So if you are ever purchasing books online, please come here first and click on the Buy Books link and help keep this site going. Thanks.

The Nightmare Drug

For those of you who missed it last night, CBC is re-running the Fifth Estate episode The Nightmare Drug on the effects of Mefloquine, tha anti-malaria drug that we took in Somalia and Rwanda. I appear in this episode and they talk about the Airborne Regiment. This is the same episode that was first run about 6 months ago.

It is on CBC’s Newsworld on Thursday, July 17th at 10:00 p.m. and on Sunday, July 20th at 5:00 p.m. All times are Eastern Standard. Please check your local listings for other areas.

Online Petition

Naomi Longson has just put up a well written letter and petition at calling for Vindication For The Canadian Airborne Regiment and asks that you head over and sign it. Read what she has to say then click on the Sign the Petition link at the bottom if you feel the same way.

The Petition to Parliament is still very important though, so if you haven’t already, download a copy, take it out and get it signed. Post one in your local legion (and make sure you go back for it). Get your friends and family involved. Let’s make this work. When you are done, mail it to the office of Leon Benoit, MP, at 613 Justice Building, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6.

Reunion Photos

Ralph Pochadt sent me eight great photos that he took at the 3 Cdo reunion. I have added them to the photo album, so head over and check them out. Thanks Ralph.

St. Michael’s Orphans

Linda Pannell is planning on releasing her book St. Michael’s Orphans this year. It is a fictional story in which the Airborne plays a major role and she is asking for help from any Airborne soldiers who would be willing to proofread a chapter or two, to doublecheck for typos or still-undetected military errors.

She needs to have her proofreading be completed before mid-August, if the book is to come out this year. If you think you would be interested in helping, please write to her at

Linda has worked with numerous serving and retired Airborne soldiers to make the book as accurate as possible and to ensure that she portrays the Airborne as a highly professional military unit. She is at the last stage now and needs your help to get it to print, so if you have the time, give her a hand.

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