Fall Out

The excellent CBC documentary Fall Out will be airing on CBC Newsworld on Tuesday July 8 at 10pm ET and 10pm PT. It will repeat on Saturday July 12 at 10pm ET and 7pm PT.

Of the documentaries on the Airborne that came out recently, I thought that this was the best one. It is a must watch if you haven’t seen it already. Thanks to Adam de Bartok for sending this in.

3 Commando Reunion

When the CH-146 Griffon helicopter flew in to the DZ with the Airborne flag proudly held out the side by the JM’s, I knew that times had changed. It was good to see the flag flying over Anzio again. When I left Petawawa seven years ago we weren’t even allowed to wear Airborne t-shirts on base. Now we were receiving this show of support, mainly because of the hard work of Dan Langille, TC Elliot, Wayne Bartlett and other old troopers. Our thanks goes out to you guys for everything you have done.

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Cyprus Photos

Angus Carten sent me six photos, most of them from Cyprus and one from an ex in the Mojave desert. I have added them all to the Photo Albums section of the site, so head over and check them out.

Jim Ogden has just written to let me know that he has updated The Bornewest Website with pictures from the Airborne Reunion in Edmonton. Head over and check them out.

The 3 Cdo reunion is only 3 days away and it sounds like a lot of people will be coming. If you are driving to the DZ, try and arrive early because there may be delays at range control. Also, the Kyrenia club will be open to all ranks at 1700hrs. I’ll meet you there to swap war stories

There will also be an Airborne Kitshop set up at the DZ, so make sure you bring some coin. I know my T-shirts are wearing a bit thin. Also don’t forget to bring some cash to pay for the event at the DZ. Read the post further down for more info and timings.

See you there.

Computer Virus

I have received several bounced emails recently with virus attachements and a couple of emails from people who thought that they received the klez virus from me. I checked the headers from the original email and it is coming from someone in Ottawa, not from my computer. Actually, contact@commando.org is an alias email address and that is not even set up on any of my computers.

Viruses like this tend to send themselves as one fo the people from your contact list, not as you to make them harder to track down. If you ever receive email from contact@commando.org, delete it. I never send email from that address, it is only an alias that forwards to my real email address. Also, if you live in the Ottawa Valley, use Sympatico and have ever written me at that address, check your computer, you may be the one who is infected.

If anyone wants to check their computer for free online, just click here then press the Go button on that page, then click on the Virus Check button. It will take you to the Symantic Web page.

Lt. Col. Hubert Taylor

Lt. Col. (Rtd) Hubert (Bud) Taylor passed away in Ottawa on June 15, 2003 at the age of 78. He was a member of both the Canadian Airborne Regiment and the RCR. Condolences/Donations at http://mcgarryfamily.ca.

Airborne Cadets in Surrey BC

The newly formed Airborne Cadets in Surrey BC will be holding a Canteen at the Lagoon Cafe’s upstairs Airborne Lounge at 13025 84th Ave Surrey BC 7pm-11pm on July 3rd. They are hoping to bring together Airborne members in British Columbia who will serve as supporters, instructors, and friends of the Airborne Cadets, so drop by if you are interested.

3 Cdo Reunion Sit Rep

I just received more information on the 3 Cdo reunion and wanted to take this chance to pass it on. The cost will be $5 cash for an individual and $10 per family payable at the DZ reception table. They have prepared for a max of 300 people, so keep this in mind if the event is more popular than expected. Any money collected above the cost of food and events will be donated to the Airborne Museum.

Current CF members wishing to jump must have there unit CO’s permission to conduct an occasional parachute descent during this event and attend the para refresher. To get to the DZ stop and sign in with range control. DO NOT park on the highway 17 and walk in! This is a hazard and you will be towed.

At the DZ there will be activities for the whole family and it will be a dry event. Downstairs at the Kyrenia club will be open all day for those that want to grab a beer and tell stories. Ensure you bring insect repellent and sun screen as there is very little shelter on the DZ anymore.


  • 0800 – 1100 hrs, Para refresher in Bldg S-118 Sim Room
  • 1000 hrs, DZ open
  • 1130 hrs, short memorial service.
  • 1200 – 1400 hrs, hamburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings
  • 1300 – 1600 hrs, Para activities
  • 1700 hrs, DZ must be cleared.

Finally, a big thanks to TC Elliot and Dan Langille for all of the time and effort that they put into planning this event. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. See you there…

Today, Leon Benoit, the Alliance Defence Critic is starting a campaign to bring back the Airborne Regiment and we need your help.

You can help to bring back the Airborne Regiment by downloading this petition (click here and save), printing it out, then collecting at least 25 signatures. Once the petition is complete, mail it to the office of Leon Benoit, MP, at 613 Justice Building, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6.

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Canadian Alliance Senior Defence Critic Leon Benoit will hold a news conference tomorrow at 11:30am in Ottawa, to launch a campaign to implement one of the recommendations of the Canadian Alliance Defence Policy White Paper, The New North – Strong and Free. Mr. Benoit will be joined by CA Defence Critics Deborah Grey and Rob Anders in urging the Liberal government to restore the Airborne Regiment as the core of an elite, air-transportable rapid reaction force.

Check back tomorrow for more information.

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