Airborne Reunion in Edmonton

The guys over at Bornewest have been finalizing the plans for the 2003 Airborne Reunion so I thought I would pass on some of the information. The reunion is from June 5th to 8th in Edmonton and costs $60 for individuals and $75 for couples. There is an itenerary available and a registration form if you are interested in going. Just click the links for all of the info you will need.

Dean Smith

Dean F. Smith passed away Wednesday morning in Victoria, BC. Dean was one of Canada’s first parachute troops, nucleus of the 1st Parachute Battalion who went to Fort Benning, GA in 1942 for training with the United States Army. Dean, a sergeant at the time qualified as a jumper at Fort Benning on the 15th of August 1942.

Post WW2 he came to the Patricias, served as a CQMS with the 1st Battalion in Korea, and in Canada until retirement.

Cards or calls of condolence may be sent or made to his wife Jean and family at the following addess:

Mrs Jean Smth
38 Wellington Avenue
Victoria, BC V8V 4H6

Tele: (250) 384-7169

CWO Don Bungay

LCol (Ret’d) Wayne Marr has just informed me that CWO (Ret’d) Don Bungay of Calgary passed away Friday night from cancer. His wife Shirley is in the process of organizing his funeral and details will be known late Sunday. Anyone wishing to attend his funeral can contact LCol Marr at (780) 986-2850 Sunday evening and he can provide the date/time/location.

Don was a Junior NCO in the AB REGT in Edmonton 68-71, then he served with 3 Mech CDO 71-74 then back to Edmonton for three years and subsequently remustered to Dental and retired in 1996 as a CWO.

3 Commando Reunion

The Op Orders for the 3 Cdo BBQ are finally in,

28/06/03 0800-1000 Para refresher, Bldg S-118, Gen Foulkes Barracks (3RCR)
1100-1200 Memorial Service and CO�s address, DZ Shack, DZ Anzio
1200-1500 Para activities, weather and A/C permitting
1500- 1800 Meet and Greet, meal provided by 3 RCR cooks.

3 Mechanized Commando was officially created on 28 June 1970. This is a reunion of all former members of 3 Commando from 1970 to 1995. It is to celebrate our unit on the 35th Anniversary of The Canadian Airborne Regiment, The 32nd Anniversary of 3 Commando, and The 10th Anniversary of deployment on Op Deliverance.

The cost is $10 per member (which includes your family) to cover the cost of the meal, depending on numbers. Any money left over will be donated to The Airborne Museum. You can pay on the 28th.

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35th Anniversary

Today is the 35th Anniversary of the founding of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. It seems like a lifetime ago that I was celebrating the 25th Anniversary and my 25th birthday in Somalia and parachuting in the hot African desert.

Four years later, just before the Regiments 29th birthday, it all came to an end when the government tore apart our family and destroyed everything we had sacrificed for. We had given everything we had to our country and in turn were betrayed by it.

So, a toast to the Regiment…

I have ridden the skies in great machines, hooked up and jumped with the best of men. I have fought long and hard, and when I felt I had no energy left, I have been fired by the fear that if I stopped fighting, my comrades would die. And when I was in danger, enemy all around, I heard the thunder from my left and my right, as my life was defended. I have never been alone. I live, jump, fight and battle to victory with the greatest assemblage of men on earth.

Gentlemen, to the brotherhood of the Airborne.

To the Airborne!

Desktop Wallpaper

Kevin Painchaud has submitted desktop wallpaper for the site in two sizes. I am so impressed with the work he put into it that I have decided to host them myself and make them available to everyone. Here is a reduced preview version, but you really need to download one of the full size versions to really appreciate the detail.

[800×600] or [1024×768]

To download the wallpaper, chose your size from the two links below the picture, right click and select Save Target As.

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News Archives

I have added links to archives of all the old news that has been posted on the site since January. If you want to read back through the news or find old items, just go through the monthly archives on the left.

Still Snowed In

The ice storm continues and I still can’t get out of my driveway (I knew I shouldn’t have sold my 4WD truck.) I can’t bring myself to watch daytime TV, so instead I have been continuing to update the site. If you click on the War Stories link you will notice that I have re-organized it a bit and added a new page with the past Airborne Regimental Commanders & Colonels of the Regiment. I also found a copy of the Regimental Standing Orders regarding the issue of the Airborne Coin, so I have added them to that page. You will also find a new page with The Regimental March Past.

I also found a picture of Para Cot� so I have updated the Honour Roll with a link a copy of the memorial to him from the Fall ’90 Maroon Beret. I also created a page with as many Airborne Prayers & Toasts as I can find, including one en Fran�ais.

New Photos

I am trapped at home today by the freak spring ice storms, so I have managed to get more photos scanned in and uploaded to the photo albums on the site. Head over and you will find 4 new shots in the Unit Training section and 20 new shots in the Somalia section of the albums.

The Unit Photos have proven to be extremely popular, so if anyone has unit photos that are not up there, please contact me so that we can arrange to get them up somehow.

Bornewest Site Updated

Jim Ogden has just written to announce that he has made some major updates to the Bornewest website. Head over and check out his changes and if you live in Western Canada, consider getting involved.

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