New Photos

Tom Verner and Bob MacAlister have sent me pictures which I have uploaded to the Airborne Photo Albums. If you head over, you will find a new Cyprus section and new photos added to most of the other sections, especially the Somalia section.

3 Cdo Unit Photos

I have scanned in and added to the Photos 3 Commando unit photos from 1991 and 1994. I also found a photo of Cpl Mike Abel who was killed in Somalia. I have added his photo to the Honour Roll section of the site.

I would like to try to gather as many Airborne unit pictures together as possible. If anyone has any that they can scan and send, I woul appreciate it.

Forums Changed

Opps, I was upgrading the forums today to newer and more powerful forums, but in the process I nuked the database and lost everything! That means that all of the great posts that have been written and all user accounts have been lost. I am really sorry, but what is done is done, so we will just have to move on…

Head on over to the new forums and create an account and get the first post. Over the next few days I will be reformatting the forums to feel more like home and enabling new features. I would appreciate your suggestions, so let’s hear them.

All New Photos Section

I have completely reworked the photos section of the site and I have added several new photos. I would like to thank Ralph Pochadt, Rémi Gilbert, Gord Runtz, Jim Allen and Bob MacAlister for sending photos and other information to me. Together we can make this the best Drop Zone RV on the net.

So, click on the Photos link in the toolbar and check out the new section of the website. To get back to the main site, just click on the wings in the upper corner of any page.

Now that it is easy for me to add photos, expect to see new ones put up more often, so keep dropping in.

CBC Newsworld Docfest

For anyone in Edmonton who missed the recent airing of CBC Newsworld’s Rough Cut’s Fall Out episode, they will doing a public airing and Q&A with Mike Smith afterwards from 7 to 9 p.m. on March 22 at the Stanley A. Milner Library theatre, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square. Admission is free on a first-come, first-served basis.

For anyone who can make it, I would highly recommend attending. The documentary is excellent and it is a chance to talk to Mike who has done so much to get the true story of the Airborne out to the public.

Cyprus Section

I have begun work on the Cyprus section of the website, so head over and check it out. I would like to thank Bob MacAlister for sending me the pictures that I used in this section and give credit to Don Halcrow for taking a several of these photos.

I would like to continue to expand this site to cover other operations and excerises that the Regiment was involved with such as the FLQ crisis. If anyone has anything they would like to contribute, please contact me at

I recently received several pictures and scans of newspaper articles from the Herc crash in Alaska. I will be working on a page dedicated to that next, so check back soon.

Another Sea King Crash

This isn’t exactly related to the Airborne, but another Sea King helicopter has crashed. This is of interest for two reasons. First, it shows the current governments total lack of regard for our military. The military has been trying to get the Sea Kings replaced for about 20 years now because they are dangerous and require 30 hours of maintenence for every hour in the air, but the Liberal government cancelled the purchase of new helicopters nearly a decade ago and still haven’t replaced them.

On a more personal note, Jame’s Henderson’s (a former member of 3 Cdo) dad was a major force behind trying to get the Sea Kings replaced. He had survived several Sea King crashes only to be killed in one soon after the Liberals cancelled the contracts. The members of our armed forces make huge sacrifices for our country, let’s not forget that when the next election comes up and we remember the support that our government has given us in return.

3 Commando BBQ

The date for the 3 Cdo BBQ is the 28th of June. There will be a memorial service on DZ Anzio in the morning around 1100 for those who wish to attend and then the BBQ will be in the afternoon at about 1500. It will either be at 3 RCR’s building or on Anzio depending on the jump situation.

Dan and TC are trying to get discounts at local hotels and jumps arranged. We should know more later this week, so keep checking back. The response has been great so far, but make sure you get the word out there. If you are interested in attending, send an email to and we will keep you informed.

Airborne Luncheon

I just received word that the 15th Annual Airborne Luncheon will be held at the Royal Canadian Military Institute in Toronto on Friday, 11 April 2003. If you are interested in attending, click on the “Continue Reading” link below for more information.
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Fall Out

I just finished watching Fall Out! on CBC Newsworld and wanted to thank Mike Smith for what he has done. I have tried several times to tell our story by working with the media but have never been really happy with the spin that they have given it. Hours of interviews can be combed through to present any sensationalist viewpoint as we have so often come to expect of the media. It is no wonder we are so distrustful.

In my opinion though, Mike has done the best job yet and I commend him on it. It was hard to watch as it brought back all of the feelings of sacrifice and betrayal, but it was worth seeing. If you did not see the show tonight make sure you see it when it airs again on Sat, Feb 15 at 10pm ET (7pm PT). I would appreciate hearing your opinions, just click on the Comments link below and send in your comments, or if you prefer to keep it anonymous, click on the Contact link on the left and email me.


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