CBC News World : Rough Cuts

I just got an email about a show called Rough Cuts on CBS Newsworld. They will be showing an episode called Fall Out! on Tue, Feb 11 at 10pm ET (10pm PT) and repeating on Sat, Feb 15 at 10pm ET (7pm PT). “Fall Out!” documents the events that led to the Airborne’s demise, seeking to learn the truth that was never told when the Somalia Inquiry – a public inquiry inexplicably cut short by the Liberal government before hearing any testimony on the murder of 16 year-old Somali Shidane Arone.
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Call for Somalia Jumpers

I got this email request today, so I thought I would pass it on to anyone who is interested.

Hey Jumper!

My name is Ron Smith and this is a favor I’m asking for.
I’m looking for any jumpers who served in somalia with me. Many of us suffered serious side effects from the drug Mefloquine (Larium). Everyone I knew that was on this drug complained about this drug during the war in Somalia. Anyhow, I’m now the plaintiff for the Canadian Airborne Regiment Class Action Law suit against the government. I’d like to use your website as a means of communications for any brother who is suffering or has suffered from this drug.My phone number is 1 (705) 724-5264 and my email is: ron.airborn@sympatico.ca. Now is the time to act. If anyone wants some resolution to the fact that the government was negligent in giving us an illegal drug at the time. This is the only way we can get any dignity and respect back. Also, it slaps them in the face! Thanks!


35th Anniversary Reunion

I have found the information on the 35th Anniversary of the Canadian Airborne Regiment to be held in Edmonton on June 5-8 of 2003. It is being put on by Bornewest. Check out the Social Club link on their website for more information.

Time to Get Back To Work

For those of you that noticed, I had a few formatting problems with the site after updating to this new news system. I finally figured out what was wrong though and everything seems to be back to normal. I can now get back down to business and start updating the site. I really must apologize to everyone though, I started a new job in December and have been concentrating on that and in the process neglecting the site. Time to make that right…

I received an email recently from TC Elliot. He and Dan Langille are planning a 3 Cdo get together BBQ around the July 1st weekend in Petawawa and they would like to know how many people would be interested in attending so they can firm up the plans. Any ex 3 Cdo members that are interested (although I am sure we could make room for other ex-airborne), please email 3CdoBBQ@commando.org and let us know that you are interested and/or leave a message in the forumns.

I have also heard rumours of an Airborne reunion in Edmonton this summer. Could someone please email me with details of this (and any other events) so that I can get the word out? As I said before I am also planning a Cyprus section if anyone wants to help and I want to add a jump manifest where people can register to get in touch with old friends. Show some interest and I will work a bit quicker on programming it (hint, hint.)

Rework of Site

I have added a new method of adding news to the site so that people can leave comments and so that it is easier for me to add new stuff to the site. I hope you like it.

I have also received a lot of contributions for the site. As soon as I get a few free moments I will be updating several sections of the site. I am also planning on adding a section on Cyprus. I have received several submissions for this new section, but if anyone would like to write a history of the Regiment’s involvement or submit some war stories, I would appreciate the help.

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