Just a reminder, the Airborne Regiment Association is hosting a 40th Anniversary event in Ottawa on April 12th. The event is open to all past members of the Regiment, those who were in non-jump support roles (1 AB FSSU, 1 AB SSU), past and current jumpers of all “stripes” i.e.: CABC, CFPMD, regular and reserve force jump companies, foreign paratroopers, 1 Can Para, 1 FSSF, Aircrew, White or Red Maple Leaf jumpers.

The Meet & Greet starts at 1700 at the Rideau Canal WO’s and SGT’s Mess, 4 Queen Elizabeth Dr, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2H9. Reservation must be paid by 5 April, so send your cheque or credit card information to the ARAC Kit Shop, 3 – 36 de Varennes, Gatineau  QC  J8T 0B6.

For more information, download one of the following PDFs or contact the Kit Shop.

CAFACAFA will be hosting the annual Airborne Memorial Weekend in Petawawa this year. The weekend includes the Annual General Meeting of CAFA, a dinner dance for CAFA and any interested ARAC members and a re-dedication of the “Into Action” statue which is also known as Iron Mike (or Iron Dick by some) that was formerly at the main gate to CFB Petawawa. The statue was moved to the grounds of the Airborne Forces Museum and will be re-named as the Canadian Airborne Forces Memorial.

For more information, download the Word document with the schedule of events and a registration form.

Although promoted as “The Canadian Airborne Regiment Reunion 2008”, the Organizing Committee and members of The Edmonton Airborne Social Club is extending an Airborne Brotherhood welcome for all to attend this reunion. It is strong emphasized that this reunion is open to all past member of the Regiment, members who were in support roles, current members of the Regular Force Parachute Companies, past and current members of the Canadian Airborne Centre, Canadian Forces Parachute Maintenance Depot, aircrews who provided airlift during the past forty years, all members of 1 Canadian Parachute Association, Allied Paratroopers; troopers from the old Parachute Companies, instructors from CJATC and all other paratroopers, whether or not they have served in an active para role.

For more information, download the following Word documents;

Comments in the Photo Albums

In the last couple of months, there has been a flood of spam messages in the photo albums.  I have cleaned them up and Bobby has offered to keep an eye on them for me.  Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

To reduce the amount of comment spam, I have decided to only allow comments in the photo albums to registered users. Unfortunately, that means another registration, username and password for everyone to remember.  It would be nice if the forums and the photo album users where linked, but they aren’t.

If I can find a decent anti-spam plugin for the gallery, I will rethink the user requirements. I hate to make it harder for you to comment on pictures, but it is necessary.

If anyone has trouble registering, please let me know.

Fifteen Days

A new book Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army is available for pre-order from Amazon.

Don Cherry read the book and said, “Sandstorms, killer heat, sneak suicide attacks, rotten food, bites from five-foot snakes, death of buddies, can’t tell the enemy from friends – a tough and deadly war, yet Blatchford shows how our troops soldier on with no complaints. You will be involved in conversations with the troops that could only be gathered first hand. This book will open your eyes to this brutal war and it is worthy of our brave young men and women.  It is a tough book written by a tough broad who tells it like it is. I could not put the book down.”

You can read an excerpt from the book in the Globe & Mail that talks about Gomez’s death and mentions that he was in the Airborne Regiment.

[Click here to purchase the book]

Bill Murray

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Bill Murray. He passed away at 0330hrs on the 22 October. Bill was a sapper and a Jumper with the Canadian Airborne Regiment Field Engineers.

There will be a service and reception at Br.280, Royal Canadian Legion, Vedder Golden, Chilliwack BC, on Monday the 29th of Oct at 1300hrs.

ARAC All former and current paratroopers are invited to attend the General Meeting and Christmas Dinner for the Airborne Regiment Association of Canada. It will be held at the Rideau Canal WO’s and SGT’s Mess in Ottawa on the 24th of November 2007.

For information on the event and registration, visit the Association website.

03 Aug 1958 – 22 Jul 2007

A fighter to the very end, Rod finally succumbed to cancer at the young age of 48.

Born at Gaspe, Quebec, the family moved at an early age to Shawinigan, Quebec where he grew up. After graduating from Shawinigan High School, and a short career as a traveling salesman, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces serving as a Patricia (PPCLI) with the Canadian Airborne Regt, finally retraining as an Aero Engine Tech with the Canadian Air Force. During Rod’s career, from October 1978 until his retirement in October 1994, he not only served his country, but also served 2 tours with the United Nations in Cyprus.

Fair winds and soft landings, Jumper!

CWO (ret) Dave Mack

I have been informed that Dave Mack, a retired CWO and former AB RCR passed away on 26 August at home in Darwell AB. Additional details are unknown at this time. If anyone can add details, please do so in the comments.

Update: There have been many additions in the comments, thanks for everyone who is filling in the details.

Update: There will be a Celebration of Life Ceremony at 2:00 pm, 1400hrs Friday, Sept 7th. See the comments for more details.

Sgt J.B. McDonald CD (Boots)

Sgt (Ret) J.B. McDonald CD (Boots) PPCLI, AIRBORNE, passed away on 14 Aug 2007.

Tuesday 21 Aug, 2007 Prayers will held at Our Lady Of Angels Catholic Church, 10004 – 101 St, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Wednesday 22 Aug, 2007 Funeral will he held at this same location in Fort Sask, at 11AM

Airborne Social Club full dress with Medals, or Sport Coat or Suit with Medals, including Military personnel with Medals.

In lieu of flowers, memorial tributes may be made to the Stollery Childrens Hospital or Salvation Army. Condolences may be sent to: First Memorial Funeral Services – Riverview Chapel 998-9898.

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