Cpl Allen RSJ

I was the RQM of the Regiment 1985-1987, and I still remember Bob coming to see me to request a posting to the QM as a storesman. He was a sup tech employed at CMED at the time, and wanted to go Airborne. So I made a phone call to the mangler, and got him posted, and a jump course (a jump qualified 911 was and still is a rarity).

I was in Borden on TD when I heard of the crash at Ft Wainwright AK, and made it to the memorial, not too many dry eyes in the place as a horrific car crash had also killed a number of soldiers from 2 Cdo the same week, I believe 9 were dead from both accidents. I was on my way the next day to CABC with the SKY HAWKS for year of escape out of NDHQ, and said fuck it and wore my maroon beret one day early.

Bob was a great guy, always positive and a doer, which is no doubt why he was sent on the advance to Alaska. He was also a husband, and a father, and I always wondered what happened to Yvette his wife and their baby. Fate is a powerful thing, and I always felt bad about that phone call I made in 88.


Mitch MacLeod

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