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The Airborne Memorial Cairn in Edmonton has been unveiled, but there is still a chance to have your name on the Donor Honour Roll Plaque and be a part of history. The deadline has been extended to 15 Semptember 2014 if you are interested. As a reminder, the criteria for this means you must put […]

Work is progressing on the Airborne Cairn Project in Edmonton and they are planning on a simple unveiling ceremony at approximately 1215 hrs on 10 August to dovetail with the end ceremony at the PPCLI Plaza in Griesbach that same morning. Their plan is to just have a simple, yet significant, dedication/ unveiling ceremony supported […]

Airborne Reunion 2013

The Airborne Social Club in Edmonton will be holding a reunion to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Airborne Regiment at the Air Museum Edmonton on June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2013. The Reunion will follow the Annual D-Day Ceremony at the Airborne Monument, to be held June 6th, 2013 at Siffleur Falls, Alberta. To […]

2013 will mark the 45th Anniversary of the formation of the Airborne Regiment and as such the Airborne Social Club (Edmonton) is in the process of planning a Reunion to be held at the Air Museum Edmonton for June 7th, 8th and 9th, 2013. The Organizing Committee and members of The Edmonton Airborne Social Club […]

2009 will be the first year for an informal reunion for Royals who were posted to CFB London.  Any past or present Royal is welcome to attend. The theme of the reunion is outdoor stuff, sports, canoe races, barbeques, bonfire parties and seeing your old buddies again. For more information and to register, see the […]

Just a reminder, the Airborne Regiment Association is hosting a 40th Anniversary event in Ottawa on April 12th. The event is open to all past members of the Regiment, those who were in non-jump support roles (1 AB FSSU, 1 AB SSU), past and current jumpers of all “stripes” i.e.: CABC, CFPMD, regular and reserve […]

CAFA will be hosting the annual Airborne Memorial Weekend in Petawawa this year. The weekend includes the Annual General Meeting of CAFA, a dinner dance for CAFA and any interested ARAC members and a re-dedication of the “Into Action” statue which is also known as Iron Mike (or Iron Dick by some) that was formerly […]

Although promoted as “The Canadian Airborne Regiment Reunion 2008”, the Organizing Committee and members of The Edmonton Airborne Social Club is extending an Airborne Brotherhood welcome for all to attend this reunion. It is strong emphasized that this reunion is open to all past member of the Regiment, members who were in support roles, current […]

All former and current paratroopers are invited to attend the General Meeting and Christmas Dinner for the Airborne Regiment Association of Canada. It will be held at the Rideau Canal WO’s and SGT’s Mess in Ottawa on the 24th of November 2007. For information on the event and registration, visit the Association website.

I have received more information on the 40th Anniversary Reunion in Edmonton on 19-21 June, 2008. Download the PDF with information on the reunion here. This document includes dates, activities and contact details. The Canadian Airborne Regiment Association (ARAC) is also planning a reunion most likely in the Petawawa area around the same time. Dates […]

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