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I don’t know how this book passed under the radar, but Lt Col Bernd Horn has published another beautifully illustrated history of Airborne Forces in Canada from the 1st Cdn Para Battalion in 1942, through the Canadian Airborne Regiment and on to the Parachute companies. The 1st Canadian Parachute Bn jumped into Normandy on D-Day […]

Fifteen Days

A new book Fifteen Days: Stories of Bravery, Friendship, Life and Death from Inside the New Canadian Army is available for pre-order from Amazon. Don Cherry read the book and said, “Sandstorms, killer heat, sneak suicide attacks, rotten food, bites from five-foot snakes, death of buddies, can’t tell the enemy from friends – a tough […]

St. Michael’s Orphans

Linda Pannell, a regular of this site, has released her book St. Michael’s Orphans. She worked with several ex-Airborne members and even went out on exercise with the unit to ensure that she could portray an accurate and fair representation of the regiment and the soldiers that served in it. The following description of the […]

Updated Book Section

I have updated the Book Section of the site by removing most of the out of print books. I have also switched all of the links from to since most of us are in Canada. If you purchase any books from after going there following any of the links from this site, […]

St. Michael’s Orphans

Linda Pannell is planning on releasing her book St. Michael’s Orphans this year. It is a fictional story in which the Airborne plays a major role and she is asking for help from any Airborne soldiers who would be willing to proofread a chapter or two, to doublecheck for typos or still-undetected military errors. She […]